Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson Reversals

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson Reversals


Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson Reversals

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is an English business magnate, investor, and philanthropist who was born in July 1950. He is a successful entrepreneur who started his first business at age 16 and later started Virgin Records which grew into the Virgin line of companies we all know today such as Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Virgin Galactic. In March 2000, Richard was knighted by the Queen of England and today is estimated to be worth approximately $5.4 billion dollars.

My overall conclusion about the secrets behind Branson’s success based on these reversals from 2 interviews is that he follows his gut and instincts. He uses the metaphor “Whirlwind” 3 times, showing he is in tune with the energy of the Universe. However, he seems to have had a lucky break to get started. His reversals talk about karma and programmed nerves, almost as though this is something he fell into rather than went out and made himself. He does have a dark side which he keeps hidden and he is an opportunist.


First Interview 2015 on his Island

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Richard – “So we would literally tent on the beach or get a beaten up old sailing boat to [park off the island].” – The lie forgot. – (meaning unsure)


Richard – “I’d been away for 3 weeks [and American airlines] bumped the flight and so I went to the back of the airport, I hired a plane, I hired a blackboard, I wrote virgin airways one way $29 to the BVI and I went around to all the people who had been bumped and I filled my first plane.” – Now ran the karma. – (was this his karma? – to start virgin)


Richard – “We’ve got nearly 800 astronauts in waiting and [it will be the most] exciting thing I’ve done in my lifetime.” – Some money from me, hear the panic. – (not as calm in reverse as he sounds forwards)


Richard – “If you talk yourself out of it [fair enough, I mean you’ve looked].” – Go free your money on earth. – (let your money work for you)


Richard – “If you’re fit, you can achieve anything, [that wonderful feeling of en]dorphins screaming through your body.” – The bailiff often know. – (a negative reversal, people are always after your money)


Richard – “And I play tenni[s with somebody] whos a lot younger and a lot fitter with me.” – Hear the muscles. – (congruent – he is keeping himself fit)


Richard – “Kiting’s a lovely way to get away from [the mobile phones and] get out on the sea.” – This nerve programmed me. – (this is similar to the karma reversal – was he just programmed or destined to be the success he is)


Richard – “After we’d won the court case I made a point of ringing the chairman of british airways and inviting him out to lunch and saying lets shake hands and in fact [lets go further than that] lets set up a charity together and in the last 10 years of his life we became good friends.” – I’m the perfect sell. – (he is a very good salesman)


Richard – “Where people who committed atrocities [against the black man] will come, they will apologise, they will embrace and they will be forgiven.” – And Albert’s nigger. – (meaning unknown)


Richard – “The first person across the Atlantic in a hot air balloon and then the pacific and then trying to be the [first around the world] in a hot air balloon.” – On the whirlwind I surf. – (high activity – he is full of energy)


Richard – “In fact I think I got picked out of the sea 5 times by helicopters [so, we, we, we] ah, but nobody had done it before and so if you’re going to attempt something that hasn’t been done before you going to have to accept its difficult.” – Heal you, you USA. – (not sure on the meaning)


Richard – “We came to within one day of being the [first to go around the world in] a balloon and we just hit a blanket wall of air just off America.” – The whirlwind, I wreck surf. – (High energy but he pushed it too far and failed)


Richard – “And we ended up crashing in the sea just off Hawaii on Christmas day and fortunately being rescued by a helicopter and it didn’t matter [and then its its its somebody else] a few months later managed to go the whole way around the world.” – Sly, you must make mess, its its its cinema. – (A devious streak, failures make for good television)



Second Recording – Conference in 2006

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Richard – “So the money that you paid today that I’ve managed to extract from the organisers, is going towards a specific hospital that being built in Africa that will cater for about 200,00 people in a community that actually don’t have [medical services].” – Lets use the vessel. – (Congruent reversal, using his services as a vessel to help others)


Richard – “You should specialise in one area and try not to stray from that area and [the best businesses in the world are those] businesses that stick to their core.” – That feathered whirlwind, this is it, set it up. – (He uses whirlwind again – he goes with the flow, has good instincts and follows his gut)


Richard – “And then there was the Vietnamese war going on and I was against it, I’m afraid the equivalent of what’s happening in Iraq but in Vietnam. I was against it and I was a voice to campaign to try to stop it or [play our little bit in] trying to stop it.” – You sit with the liar. – (This is the second reference to a lie – it shows an incongruity.)


Richard – “I realised quite early on in life that in order to put Virgin [on the map on a global basis] I didn’t have the advertising power.” – The devil world gonna harm the money. – (It’s a tough world out there in business and he knows it.)


Richard – “If your son [messes up you don’t kick him out] of the family.” – Time to kick bloody daddy, I descend. – (This appear to be a dark side to Branson, and we have seen this incongruity before.)


Richard – “So the elders will look at issues like [global warming], they will look at issues like AIDS in South Africa.” – I’m in all the wealth. – (Speaks for itself, he has all the wealth to do these things.)


Richard – “As a group of companies its extremely rare that we will acquire other companies. We planted, [yeah, we, we] almost all the 300 companies we got we, we planted the acorns and then put some water on them and if they start to flourish we’ll put more water on them.” – You do it. – (A simple statement. He just went out and did it.)


Richard – “And a couple of the other people have also joined up with us so we’ve managed to find 3-4 very good people from this show.” – Passion, it will beat the devil. – (This reversal answer his previous one about the devil in the world. Passion. That’s the answer. To follow your passion and your gut.)