Shane Warne Sex Scandal

In June 2000, scandal ridden Aussie Test Cricketer, Shane Warne, was hit with yet another scandal when it was revealed he had made obscene phone calls to an English woman while overseas, away from his wife and kids. The scandal hit the British and Aussie press and both parties were interviewed on Australia’s "A Current Affair." Reversals reveal an aggressive and arrogant Shane Warne who was clowning around looking for sex. Reversals on his "partner", Donna Rice, show her to be genuine in her "disgust" of Warne and wanting to put the matter behind her. This was NOT a reciprical deal as Shane Warne claims!

Listen to the complete interviews here


Here is the DJO Radio show done on these Warne reversals




Shane – “” – F**** with the sex.


Shane – “” – Shining up her force.


Shane – “” – But I was no fellow.


Shane – “” – Piss around laughing. I am scared we forced the wish. / Laugh a lot. Forced it.


Shane – “” – Now swallow this. (found by RS Student, Frank Gomez)


Shane – “” – Go on Aussie / I will stand. Refused the last one. (found by RS Student, Frank Gomez)


Shane – “” – I am the bugger. / I muck it up.


Shane – “” – I muck it up. Gone with her slave. The things she knows.


Shane – “” – Shows this gun in battle. / A lot happened.


Shane – “” – The sex I wish. / We’ll fuck her. / Nurse the guilt.


Shane – “” – Does he cum. / Be there for the sex.


Shane – “” – We laugh with the devil.


Shane – “” – But I’m an asshole.


Shane – “” – Skip the ghetto. (Found by RS student, Frank Gomez)


Shane – “” – Notice me sin. (Found by RS student, Frank Gomez)


Shane – “” – Laugh a lot. We forced the power. (Found by RS student, Frank Gomez)




Donna – “” – We’ll kiss that, this little weed. / Have I been stupid.


Donna – “” – Madams, I accept. / Its not even certain, the city.


Donna – “” – I love my art. / You’ll mesh my art. Its a force to teach me.


Donna – “” – This happened but Woodstock happen(ed).


Donna – “” – Worst Idiot / Beyond the heart, they mock it.


Donna – “” – Animals. They catch his love after this. I now see him.


Donna – “” – I want a man, my man.


Donna – “” – There’s no-one. I’m hurt here.


Donna – “” – Slying his defense. Lick your arse.




They might not have played the worse one on the air, but we can get a glimpse of it by these reversals on the one that was played.


Shane – “” – The finger is up it. / Suck it off will you.