Senator John McCain Reversals October 2014

Senator John McCain talks about ISIS and President Obama’s reaction to the crisis.


McCain – “..and that it, the situation is very much like [Yemen and Somalia] shows me that the President really doesn’t have a grasp for how the, how serious the threat of ISIS is” – Alarmist enemy.


McCain – “..all this [didn’t have to happen].” – The bad bandits.


McCain – “Hillary Clinton is described already, the meeting in the White House [over two years] ago everyone in the national security team recommended, ah, arming ISIS.” – They’re use to us.


McCain – “[If we do] not help Ukrainians, there’s going to be a worseless(?) slaughter.” – We deal fate.


McCain – “..we had it won thanks to the search, it was [won, the victory] was there, all we needed was a force behind to provide support, not to engage in combat…” – We’ll give it now.


McCain – “..but when we send a person who doesn’t know the language, has never been to the country, has no familiarity in foreign policy or national security to a nation of this importance, of this importance, then my friends we [are making a ser]ious mistake.” – Shit in the camera.