Senator Bob Dole

Speech reversals occur approximately once every five or ten seconds in normal conversation and they reveal the person’s thoughts at the time, conscious and unconscious. Once this discovery is taken seriously, it will mean a radical shift in our approach to many aspects of life. For a start, we will be able to know what our politicians are really thinking. Here are just four reversals found on Bob Dole’s arrival speech at the San Diego Republican Convention. Imagine having access to much more than this.

The first step in understanding speech reversals in transcript form is the principle of Speech Complementarity. Reverse speech will nearly always complement, or relate to, the forward speech. It can add extra information; it can confirm or deny; and it can also reveal motives behind the the forward comments. The words in brackets [ ] indicate the precise forward dialogue where the speech reversal occurred. The speech reversal is indicated in bold type.

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Reversal One: “Now we have a Republican Congress but we have a President who’s vetoed balanced bugets and submitted budgets with [debts as far as the eye can see].” The guy’s off his head. (His thoughts on President Clinton’s financial policies)

Reversal Two: “Under my plan, you pay less, you pay 15% less. Now that’s not too complicated.And every family I know can use that 15%, [and I bet you can, too]. And we’re going to make it happen.” Wish they bought it (Bob Dole talks to himself, hoping they “bought” his line. The crowd’s applause is low.)

Reversal Three: “Bill [Clinton says that he and his party], and I use a quote, we are unoperably opposed to our tax relief program.” He needs his lesson real good (Continues sentiments. Rallies the crowd.)

Reversal Four: “We are the Reformed Party, Mr Perot and all the others looking for reform. We are the Reform Party. [The Republican Party is the Reform Party.]” We don’t know if you will see it. (Personal doubts. Will they see it?)

[Play Stream] [Download File] Bob Dole resigning from the Senate

This contains two sound bites from Bob Dole. The first one before the New Hampshire Primaries. The speech reversal declares his intention to be the Republican Nominee. It says, “Hear the man that you love do it.” The second sound bite is from his declaration that he is resigning from the Senate. The reversal confirms his genuine comments. It says, “It’s an honor”

[Play Stream] [Download File] Pat Robertson

Here is Pat Robertson talking about the appointment of Jack Kemp as Vice Presidential nominee.

Reversal One: “Feel new leader.” (He recognises Kemp’s new position)

Reversal Two: There are two reversals here, separated by one second of gibberish. They say “See this asshole,” and “Winning my gamble.” This shows true feelings that are opposite to those expressed forwards, plus ulterior motives that are paying off.

Reversal Three: “Riding my Soul.” This reversal touches on the deeper aspects of Reverse Speech that discuss spiritual destiny and effects on life. Briefly, it means he is acting in accordance with the state of his soul. This theoretical sub-theme in Reverse Speech will be explored in future web site updates.