Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

1/ Press Conference with Clinton and British Foreign Minister William Hague – May 14 2010

Hague: “And we [discussed developement]s in Europe.” The beloved sex – metaphor – they had a good connection and lively and enjoyable conversation

Hague: “I reiterated my determination that the European Union should be a strong partner [with the United State]s in meeting our shared challenges and the determination of the new British government to play a highly active and activist role in the European Union from the very beginning.” Yes some evil – metaphor – he feels there is something seriously wrong with either the European Union or the United States or both

Clinton: “First I did have a very leng[thy and substant]ive conversation with State Counsellor ???? and we covered a lot of the negotiating points.” This fuss made – incongruent reversal – there were problems

Clinton: “The Iranians were not responding to our offers of engagement, that the offer that was made through the IAEA for the Tehran [research] reactor approach was not accepted.” Curse you – she is upset about it, cursing the Iranians

2/ Sec. of State Clinton Remarks on National Security at Brookings – May 27th 2010

“[Well thank you] very much for giving us this opportunity to come here to Brookings to talk about the National Security Strategy.” Be careful – she is being careful about what she says

“An enormous amount of attention has been paid at the highest levels of the Obama Administration over the last 15 months and [it is our] attempt to try to integrate many of the various aspects.” Barack seedy – incongruent – she doesn’t like Barack

“They are deeply connected [to our national] interest, there are however different approaches on how we act to those human universal values.” Wanna shine now – she wants to succeed with flying colors

“It was linked to a very clear understanding of [what the Unit]ed States needed to do to get positioned to lead for the foreseeable future.” Did I need hell – metaphor – it is a rough struggle