Secret of the Skull and Bones Revealed



The Skull and Bones is an exclusive secret society shrouded in mystery. Among its members are Presidents, Senators and high ranking members of society. Its purpose and philosophies are likewise secret and are the subject of conspiracy theorists everywhere. In the following soundtracks President Bush and Senator John Kerry admit to being members but will say no more. Kerry’s speech reversal, however, speaks volumes.


Bush: "[It’s so secret we can’t talk] about it." I thank you. Give source (Is he thanking the interviewer or the Skull and Bones?)

Kerry: "Not much cos it’s a secret – I wish there [were something secret I could man]ifest." I am the God who gives you my soul (A powerful clear reversal "manifesting their secrets". Does it reveal their philosophy? Do they believe they are Gods? And who are they giving their souls to?)

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