Sean Hannity Reversals

Sean Hannity, Reversals From Gingrich Interview

Sean Hannity Reversals

Sean Hannity is a conservative political commentator with his own television show and an American radio host, a television host, and an American author who was born in New York City in 1961. The first reversal is Hannity talking with Donald Trump. The rest of these reversals are excerpts from a recent interview with Newt Gingrich about becoming the VP candidate in the 2016 election.


Hannity – “(Trump) The Wall Street Journal writer really got it. He understood it. It was covered so perfect. (Hannity) Well listen, [y’know, when you really think] th, look at the latest numbers that have come out, this is the scary part and I asked you a lot wh, when we were on the road together, I’d ask you almost every interview. I mean, you have one in five families that don’t have a single family member in the work force…” – Give Hillary the warning.


Hannity – “Well I don’t wanna hit crazy Bernie Sanders too hard because, yet because I love watching what he is doing to crooked Hillary. [His time will come].” – Mock romance.


Hannity – “(Gingrich) It keeps getting brought up because you keep bringing it up. (Hannity) [No, no, it’s not me]. I did have a poll on my website,, and you did win the poll.” – I advance the honor.


Hannity – “..and Newt Gingrich’s y’know be named ahead of time, and [show that hey he’s serious] about bringing serious, successful people that have governed well into government…” – Seriously hit a Bush.


Hannity – “Alright, so, that’s not a no, I’ll put that in the, maybe pile. (Gingrich) Yeah I’m, I’m in the not, I’m in the not no column. (Hannity) [You didn’t even get] mad. I’m pretty impressed. (Gingrich) No, no I’m, I’m used to dealing with you…” – Big immunity.


Hannity – “..Clinton has turned her focus towards presumptive Republican [nominee Donald] Trump…” – Will I be the man?