Scandal Rocks the Cricketing World

In April 2000, scandal rocked the Cricketing world for the second time in as many years when South African test captain, Hansie Cronje, was sacked when it was revealed that he had accepted money from Indian bookies for providing them with inside information about game strategies. The first instant was when Australian record wicket taker, Shane Warne, was fined by the Australian cricket Tribunal for doing the same thing.

Speech reversals on these two players reveal a very distrubing story. Warnes reversals show a level of shennagins going on but it is Cronje’s reversals that are the most disturbing, suggesting that the corruption is more widespread than he has admitted , he is ":taking the fall" for team mates that are also involved and hoping officials "are not certain".


Hansie Cronje

Cronje – Full recording of Cronje’s first statement


Cronje – “I find myself in an awful predicament brought about by my own foolishness [and my able ?]. I realize that I’ve sown certain [personal diff]iculties…” – Used to be in it / They’re not certain.


Cronje – “..but what concerns me most is the hurt and disappointment that I have caused my wife and family. Cricket fans ” – I’m so proud.


Cronje – “” – But I’ve seen it.


Cronje – “” – Remember that snake.


Cronje – “” – Hide your fellas.


Shane Warne

Warne – “” Shane Warne, Cricketer who broke the wicket taking record: – Noisy / Boy, I’m a fast dog to deal with


Warne – “” – Yes. Noisy, the bugger / Laugh. My wolf’s (old?) acid.


Warne – “” – They look for my gold / Damn your soul. Make a sack.


Warne – “” – Now surf the devil.


Warne – “” – The money.