Sarah Palin at the Tea Party Convention

February 6th 2010


Click on reversal to download mp3 file. The precise forward words where the reversal occurred are marked with brackets – [ ].

"[I am so proud to be an A]merican." I need this male force there – metaphor – reverse speech describes our psyche as consisting of both male and female energies. As Sarah Palin starts her lecture she accesses her male side.

"He looked around [and he saw that things] weren’t quite right in Washington, so he stood up and he decided that he was going to do his part." Sniff the loss in it – metaphor – perceiving things aren’t right in Washington.

"The bottom line is this. [It’s been a year now. They own this now], and voters are going to hold them accountable, because out here in the cities and in the towns across this great country we know that we’ve got some big problems to solve." Wine send more head. Winery he lives it – metaphor – wine is food for the soul – she is drumming up more support – it is unclear who "he" is.

"And in that spirit I [caution against all]owing this movement to be defined by any one leader." What’s making a shock – she sees problems in the movement but is unsure what they are.

"Our President spent a year reaching out to hostile regimes, writing personal letters to dangerous dictators and apologizing for America and what [do we have to show for] that." The poor shit by you – putting down Obama

"And while people on main street look for jobs, people on wall street, they’re collecting billions and billions in your bail out bonuses. Among the top 17 [companies that re]ceived your bail out money, 92% of the senior officers and directors they still have their good jobs." You will see the muck – they will see problems.

"And say no start all over on the health care scheme and pass meaningful market base reform that incorporate [some simple steps that have] broad support. The best idea is not back room deals." By his face for Christmas – unknown

"We should be drilling here and drilling [now instead of re]lying on them to develop their resources for us." You bless the wine – metaphor – accessing her internal spiritual energy

"And nearly 60 million Americans voted for us. They cast their ballot for the things we are talking about tonight. Lower taxes, smaller government, transparency." Be honest – speaks for itself

"And folks like Reagan, [we know that Am]erica is still that shining city on a hill. I do believe that God shed his grace on these." But I warn you (this reversal can also be heard as "Better warn you"). It is unsure what she is warning about.

"And if they just believed in that constitutional limited government that the Federal government has got to start abiding by, a lot of things that perhaps, the details, the things on the periphery." Let’s sniff with the dollar – money is on her mind