Reverse Speech Metaphors and Session Work

Reverse Speech Metaphors in Session Work

Reverse Speech has amazing applications in the therapeutic arena especially since reversals reveal instructions to manipulate metaphors and their structures within the sub-conscious mind. Click here to read an article about Reverse Speech and therapy. Many of the examples quoted in this article can be heard below. – See also this article – Metaphor Restructuring – A new Approach to Psychotherapy

The following example was found in a workshop as a woman talked about Reverse Speech and session work. The reversal says – The source to give help.


This example has a new Reverse Speech student speaking into a tape player seeking answers. The reversal says – The song’s salvation. This shock is non-stop – Song is a common metaphor in reverse speech referring to a nice message, or pleasant activities. The song’s salvation means that this woman is indeed finding her answers in the revelations that Reverse Speech can give. It is non-stop


In this example, a client identifies an issue in the past concerning his father. The reversal was able to give us a good direction to explore – A crime with our father


Here a client, who was suffering depression, talks about her desire to do something about her life. The reversal says – Need more sunlight – This is an instruction from her unconscious suggesting a remedy


In this example, a client seeks advice regarding his current relationship. The reversal says – This is shallow, abandon it – His unconscious gives him advice.


A married woman talks about her marriage and husband. The reversal says – Heal the love while you’re living – her unconscious is telling her to repair the love in her marriage now.


A woman in her early 50s seeks advice from her unconscious about a younger man she is dating. The reversal says – He’s wanting old pussy


A woman’s speech reversal pinpoints an event in her life that caused current problems – I’ve been molested


In this example a client discusses money fears. The speech reversal says – Work on my grief – This is a specific instruction from the unconscious mind that tells exactly what needs to be done, saving weeks of therapy time.


I found this reversal on a client as she was talking about eating some biscuits. The reversal says – Ate sickness – As a confirmation of this reversal, my client had an allergic reaction to some ingredient in the biscuits that put her in bed for a couple of days.


Here a husband talks about the need for more understanding in his relationship. His reversal says – The one answer known – confirming what he is saying forwards.


A man seeks answers concerning a business deal. The reversal says – You’re frightened. Lean on me – This is his higher self telling him to not worry but rather lean on his own internal resources.


This is an example from a woman who has asthma. As she talks about mold smells in the house, a reversal occurs that says – Under the floor, puss in my head – on the advice of the reversal she looked under the floor boards of the house and found substantial mold growing there. She cleaned out the mold and her asthma improved dramatically. The reversal had pin pointed the problem.



About Your Therapist, David Oates

Here is a great Reversal about David while doing Reverse Speech therapy on a client. It is the client that speaks the Reversal.

Client – “ know the, the industry’s levels have tripled since then, and, and, so in a way this reversal is good because its a correction, its a healthy correction and give the market you know another kind of upside…” – Oates is there to serve with us.



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Reverse Speech Metaphor

A high proportion of Reverse Speech language is metaphoric in nature. That is, it will speak in metaphor, using words such as wolf, goddess, eagle, whirlwind etc. It is believed that these words come from the deep unconscious mind and describe unconscious structures that form and influence human behaviour. Here are some examples of metaphors.


Here is an example from session work. The reversal is on David Oates as he recognises a client’s problem. It says – See the wolf fallen in the lake – Wolf in Reverse Speech generally refers to motivation, Lake refers to emotions, thus this client is perceived to be drowning in emotions which hinders his ability to motivate himself.


In this example an official is surveying the scene of a plane crash in New York only a few weeks after the 911 attacks. The reversal says – Brave eagle, we’re sad – In this case Eagle is a metaphor for the United States.


Donald Trump talks about his desire to be married again. The reversal says – Sound of Adam was a wish – Or, he desired to experience the nurturing male within.


Here President Bush talks about peace in the middle east. The reversal says – Shoot the law, Grey Shepherd – its meaning is obscure.


A woman talks about a strong male figure in her life. The reversal says – Fed the great Caesar – In this case, Caesar is a metaphor representing strong male power.


Here a man talks about his desire for everyone to be happy. The reversal says – No better gift than this dollar – In reverse speech money and cash is often used as a metaphor for emotions or emotional exchanges.


Here, a woman talks about guides and spirits. The reversal says – Garden of evil – Garden means to create and this reversal is warning her of evil her "guides" might create.


In this example, a Reverse Speech student talks about ways to promote Reverse Speech further. His reversal says – Ships serve you when you make this wharf – Or, build it and they will come.


David Oates talks to a client in session work. The reversal says – The lawless have wrath on the soul


Here a woman talks about plans for her business. She says she wants to make "at least $50 a month," however she had a slip of the tongue. She meant to say "$500 a month." Could the state of her wolf have anything to do with this Freudian slip? – My wolf in the slums


A young man talks about his life. The reversal says – My wolf handed me wisdom


A business man following session work discussing his new plans. Note his positive upbeat tone. The reversal shows the session work has worked – I’ve got a new wolf within me


A woman talks about her hope for a future medical treatment. The reversal says – Let the goddess feel. Grant us a sign . Goddess in Reverse Speech generally refers to hope for the future or dreams and aspirations. Note what she says forwards immediately after this reversal.


A confrontation with Self. A woman looking for her purpose in life cannot get beyond past conflicts and legal issues. Her reversals are an internal message from her deep self to her conscious self. "Look within / I have a terrible Goddess / What happened to your soul."– Note the different tonalities and pronouns as different parts of Self talk.


A business man seeks advice from his reversals about a new business venture with several partners. The reversal says – Hear the nexus sing – nexus is a bond or tie, sing is nice energy, thus the reversal says the business will go well.


In this example from session work, a client discusses ways to improve his business. The reversal says – See the whirlwind to shift this devil out – This is an instruction from unconscious to access his internal energies to overcome negative emotions that hinder him.


Here is another reversal that gives a rather dramatic instruction for change. A woman talks about her partner who is constantly undermining her. The reversal says – My Rocelin. Off with her head – Rocelin is a destructive metaphor that comes from the Legends of Camelot where Merlin was imprisoned in the forest of Rocelin where he was robbed of his magic by a witch from the underworld. The reversal calls for this part to be severed from her life.


This example shows a client talking about depression. His reversal gives him an excellent solution – And God lives, he’s the wisdom shepherd


A woman talks about our potential as humans. The reversal says – We cast satan out of heaven


Here is a section from Henry Kissinger talking about the problems in Israel. He is talking about the many ways the late Prime Minister Rabin tried to bring about peace. The speech reversal says: "There’s milk in heaven. Moses lost with thy noise." Reverse Speech refers to Heaven as the deepest and most sacred part of the mind. Milk is healing energy, or food for the life force. Moses is the part of the mind that hears from Heaven, or our connection with our intuition. Noise is simply that – conscious chatter that is meaningless. To call it Thy noise, means that one considers this chatter to be Divine, or to give deity to conscious rubbish. Thus the entire reversal translates to: "Stop all the fuss and arguing and listen to the small still voice of your unconscious, because it contains all your answers."


The sick wolf with evil went.


I see us with love in the throne.


And God lives, He’s the wisdom shepherd.


Divine I must serve you.


Go with the source.



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