Reversals on the Hindenburg Disaster


The following report was researched and prepared by Reverse Speech Analyst, Jeff Toth. You can email him at
Copyright (C) 2004

Is this the smoking gun in the Hindenburg Disaster?

There has been much speculation on the cause of the Hindenburg diaster on May 6th, 1937 when it suddenly went up in flames and crashed to the ground. Hydrogen gas, the aluminium powder coating, static electricity, and lighting have been the major favourites to be blamed thus far. But could this reversal point to another cause? Perhaps these elements were involved but could there be one failure that we could point a finger at? Herb Morrison was there that day watching and reporting for WLS Radio in Chicago and perhaps his sub-conscious mind picked up on the real cause and then reported that cause to us in a Speech Reversal. The audio from this 1937 recording is poor at best, but I believe that the Reversal is there. Whether it can be lodged as the final word on the cause of the disaster, only time may tell. It would be nice if someone knew what equipment was on the Hindenburg in regards to heating equipment. The reversal says: There was a pipe burst with a gas heater – Download mp3 file

On a similar vein, here is a reversal referring to a vent. Its significant because many articles refer to vents that release hydrogen gas on top of the airship. The reversal says: Who owned the vent – Download mp3 file

Here are more reversals on the commentator. Note the complementarity in many of these examples (ie: the forwards and reverse relate to each other). Click on reversal to download mp3 file

Faces in the ship (this occurred prior to the disaster)
Found the factory man (prior to the disaster – reversal gives extra information about the captain discussed forward)
With a dark captain (describing ship coming in)
The face is adorned with the dark wolf (occurred just prior to the disaster, commenting on Nazi insignia on airship)
Now the vessel, it must have dropped
The Lord in the lamb we evoke (this forward clip is a famous sound bite by Herb Morrison. The existence of the reversal may explain why.)
They fly the death boat