Reversals On Michael Schiavo


Here are reversals found on Michael Schiavo during a recent interview he did on The Larry King show. Michael is the husband of Terry Schiavo, the brain damaged woman from Florida who had her feeding tube removed after years of litigation. Overall the reversals show Michael is congruent and is following his conscience in what he believes to be right.

(Click here to download the entire interview.)

"I worked late at night, I used to run managed restaurants. I came home at around 2 o’clock in the morning. I climbed into bed." Now we fear (Most likely emotions he had at the time)

"I rolled her over and she was lifeless, it was almost like she had this last breath. So I held her in my arms and I’m trying to shake her up and I ran over, I called 911." Now I am her lawyer (He is indeed now Terry’s legal guardian)

"She’d go back to the primary doctor, back to the gynaecologist. We did this for a month. It comes to find out that nobody ever took a history of Terry." You met with the program (They followed the program)

"Her father and mother came into the room and they closed the door and he asked the big question, how much money am i going to get, and i told him he wasn’t going to get any money." Your venom (Most likely referencing his feelings towards Terry’s parents.)

"Do we force them to eat, no we don’t. That’s their choice." Chose to accept (He has accepted Terry’s fate)

"Two years ago I offered what was left of Terry’s money to charity three times and the Shindlers refused to do that." Grief with the mission (He is resolved in his course and has grief concerning it)

"If you look at her to a lay person, that’s what she looks like." How foolish is that (His feelings towards people who don’t check it out further)

"When my mother died, that was the first time i came in contact with Hospice, and I tell you what, what a wonderful organisation those people are. She died of cancer and she brought me to the realistic world." Howl the victim (An expression understanding the emotions victims feel)

"Its painless and probably the most natural way to die." The rotten, soon exit (It is a rotten task he is faced with.)

"The house and the senate never looked at any evidence. They didn’t take any time to look at any evidence in this case at all." They kill with their medicine (An expression of disgust towards the Senate)

"She also said that i shot her up with insulin. If I shot her up with insulin Terry would have been dead a long time ago." Reveal their shit (Feelings towards this nurse)

"So the gynaecologist left it unless theres blood…." This health is like an oven (Metaphor – meaning unknown)

"This is Terry’s wish. It has been decided for six years of litigation that this was Terry’s wish." This little fate (Her fate)

Mr Shindler: "How in the world can you starve someone to death who is cognisant." The surf lives here (Metaphor. Terry’s father genuinely believes there is hope for Terry)