Reversals on Kobe Bryant


In July 2003, well know sporting star, Kobe Bryant, was charged with sexual assault. In an emotionally charged press conference, with his wife by his side, he denied these charges. The following reversals on this conference were found by Reverse Speech hobbyist, Dave Geist.


This small sampling of reversals are incongruent. He appears to be lying, selling his story, and thinking people are buying his story. He has a high sex drive and may, at some level, think he hurt the girl who has charged him.

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"I’m disgusted with myself." Morris, I’m made of sex

"Yeah, I love my wife." Now one more lie

"It beats in my heart…" You’re buying it

" – cannot decipher – " One with the sell job

"..together my wife and I and my family." You may have hurt, how to tell ’em