Reversals On John Mark Karr

Breaking news! Charges against John Karr dropped
August 28, 2006


John Mark Karr is a suspect in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case, having confessed to the crime after his arrest in Thailand. He is now in the custody of Boulder Police facing charges of murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. Here are some reversals we found on him. Whilst the reversals certainly suggest he is a troubled man who has fantasised over Jon Benet (beautiful frocks), they do not necessarily point to him as being her real killer. The first reversal quoted appears to give him away – "you rave this", or make it up, and this confession is offering him a "serum" or solution to his own personal problems, whatever they may be. It could also mean he is getting a high from the situation. The reversals, "Your service" and "mad was mercy" seem to suggest that he may also feel he is doing a noble thing by confessing to this crime. While these reversals may hint at a motive for his confession, they still don’t mean that the confession is valid. However, these reversals are all taken from very short sound bites. Longer portions of tape will yield far more detailed conclusions.

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1/ Statements made when he was arrested in Thailand

"Its a very involved series of events."  You rave this. This is serum (Rave, or making it up – Serum is a metaphor meaning a solution to a problem, or maybe a drug – to get high on the situation?)

"…a series of events that require a lot of time…"  This mad was mercy (Does he believe he is being merciful by confessing, but it was a mad act?)

"There’s no way I can be brief about it."  Gotta know (This reversal is difficult to interpret but could be that he needs to know the details himself.)

"I love Jon Benet and she died accidentally." Made to say I (Has he been coerced into confessing, or maybe feels compelled?)

"…and i conveyed to her that I am so very sorry for what happened to Jon Benet." Your service (Does he believe he is offering a service to the Ramseys by confessing?)

2/ Sound bites taken from tapes recorded in 2001

"I just strangled your daughter and it was so accidental and I was so afraid." That wuss in it (Note, in his forward speech he is stepping into a theoretical killer’s shoes, wondering what this person might say to the parents. In reverse he references the killer in the third person, not the first person – not "I was a wuss in it", but "That wuss in it." – referring to the killer as being a wuss for being so afraid. This would seem to suggest that the killer was not John Karr but someone else.)

"Oh God. It’s just the most powerful thing to just be alone with that little girl."  Beautiful frocks (He fantasises about Jon Benet and her frocks in reverse.)

"She was just so incredible in life and so unreal in death and she just so alive."  I’m a real cunt. Worst to know – (Reversal with cunt bleeped) – (A stunning self confession!)

3/ Reversal on the Boulder District Attorney announcing the arrest of John Karr

"…I cannot discuss tests forensic tests that are being performed or the results of tests…" We don’t know (This reversal seems to suggest that the Boulder Police don’t have any results of tests or possibly anything else on John Karr.)