Reversals on Children

Reverse Speech research has discovered that children speak backwards before they do forwards. From as early as 4 months of age they are pronouncing simple words in reverse and by the time they reach 13-14 months of age, complex sentences are forming in reverse. Click here for an article about reverse speech and children.

This example is at almost four months of age. Right at the very end of the reversed track the child says, "Hullo"Download mp3 file

Child at 4 months making noises forwards becomes Mummy, Mummy backwards. – Download mp3 file

Child at seven months of age reaching out for the tape recorder – Whats thatDownload mp3 file

In this example my 13 month old daughter was in the bath trying to pick up a cup. She was unable to do so and reached out to me for assistance. The reversals says: "David. Help me." When you listen to the forward note that she says "Daddy" – forwards. The reversed word, David, occurred on the forward word Daddy. This shows the beginning of speech complementarity and the young child beginning to connect concepts David is Daddy. – Download mp3 file

A young child says – Please Daddy helpDownload mp3 file

Child at 18 months of age – Daddy loves mumDownload mp3 file

Child at 18 months, after being moved from one room to another – I now come hereDownload mp3 file

Child sings while playing – Hug meDownload mp3 file

Here a child plays with some ducks – Backwards she says "Just love to be a friend"Download mp3 file

Child at 3 years asks her play mate, why did you have an injection and she answers "to make me better" and reversed says, "I hated them". – Download mp3 file

Found by RS student, Joan Corron. This child is a 3 year old girl. Her Dad had knocked over a chair which fell on Mommy’s foot and broke a bone. The little girl’s Grandpa says "He hurt Mommy very much". The child responds, "It’s okay". But in reverse she says "It was not".Download mp3 file

In this example Daddy is changing a dirty diaper. The child says forwards, "A diaper" and backwards he says, "Help me out"Download mp3 file

Child crying – Daddy helpDownload mp3

In this example a child’s pants have fallen down. Backwards the child says, "It broke, mommy."Download mp3

Here is an amazing reversal found by reverse speech hobbyist, Matt Goward on his young child. The whole track is played forwards first, then the exact forward is isolated and reversed at three speeds. It says, "I love you Momma" – followed by dad – "Your Mommy". Then the exact forwards is played forwards and backwards. Then, and note this, the the child’s exact words is played forwards and backwards twice. A true mirror image reversal – "I love you momma", both forwards and backwards. – Download mp3 file

A young child talks about her friend – Shes good lookingDownload mp3 file

Here a child plays – Love that journey

Careful what you say to your kids. It may come out backwards – Hey fucking hellDownload mp3 file

Here, the child’s anger shows in his reversal – Holy shitDownload mp3 file

An 8 year old talks about subjects she is good at. She starts to tell us of a subject she is not good at but changes her mind. Note the slip of tongue – I’m not tellingDownload mp3

Here is an example on my daughter when she was nine years old. She is singing a song and backwards she says: "I am the power. I am Oates."Download mp3 file

Here is a reversal found on a handicapped 15 years old girl. It says "Mum-my… love you."Download mp3 file

This reversal was found on a child who has been deaf from birth – I describe this, er, whirlwindDownload mp3 file


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