Reversals on Charles Manson


Reversals found by David Oates and Naomi Longson


Click on reversal to download mp3 file. Then precise forward words where the reversals occurred are marked with brackets – [ ].

"I wasn’t knocking someone’s door [down, I was running] from that. When I got out I was in that, I was already through that, I had that."   He knows one eye

"Every reality is a new [reality]." Heres the lie

"[Not me at all man]. That’s not me." I am a holy man

"[So I ran off and I escaped out] of the hood." I keep shine on Eros (Eros is a metaphor. Eros was the Greek God of love.)

"I’m in so many different places at once. [Yes it would be like Satan, It would be very sharp]." I shove you. Yes I lead the way

"Got nothing to be with me. I don’t respond [to it. I just shine it] on, put it on another world, man." In our shadows

"I never killed anyone. I don’t need to [kill anyone]." Now we know it

"– gibberish –" Seen a rape

"You gotta be responsible [for your actions]. If you want to give me your life, I’ll take it." Share evil

"What you call my family where people that you didn’t want, children [that were alongside the road that] their parents had kicked out. So I took them to my garbage dump and fed them and taught that in love there is no wrong." The door with a small open

"Who cares the balance [of what the in bet]weens are, you dig?" Used to mean Elvis

"They persecute themselves. [They’re butchering] themselves every time they go on the freeway. They hate themselves. Look at the signs." When you’re stupid