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Our fear of Oates

Michael’s reversals of the week

Yeah, and I’m afraid I’ve had one
(Caller o n Bell)

The scam beneath the mask (TV Evangelist)

My Advice is Rancid (TV Evangelist)

Thank you
(This is a perfect Mirror Image reversal – listen carefully in the background)

The women won’t forget – excellent complementarity

Hindu leader, “Papaji”. Long time RSers will understand the significance of this one! – Making a rose / We smell it – (RS and the sense of smell and manifestation!)

David John Oates – Jacking off in the mark – (I have personally knowledge of this one cos its me – I was expressing disgust at false accusations, reversal indicates my belief people are engaging in mental masturbation with their own dysfucntions – mark=damage on psyche) – posted May 17

Featuring some of the leaders in the US alternate scene

Editorial Comment: I have posting Michael’s reversals on alternate leaders for several months now. To say they are disappointing is a bit of an understatement. They show most of them to hoodlums and delusional thieves. I find it very ironic that Reverse Speech was embraced with open arms by the alternate community in the States as the ultimate mean of finding the corruption in the US government and its agencies, and then it was dropped like a sack of hot potatoes when it began to turn its attention onto the very people who wanted it to expose lies and corruption and found the same lies and corruption in them. This is very sad. The alternate and paranormal scene will never be taken seriously while opportunists and crooks continue to haunt its ranks and they are not only tollerated but practically worshipped by the rank and file- David John Oates


My nigger was slow

Hindu leader, “Papaji”. Long time RSers will understand the significance of this one! – Making a rose / We smell it – (RS and the sense of smell and manifestation!) posted May 22

Hindu leader, “Papaji” – He’ll make him a friend – Posted may 27

Sherman Skolnick – Youth of a horseshit (er, ok??) posted May 17

Sherman Skolnick – Here I kill ’em – posted May 17

David John Oates – Jacking off in the mark – (I have personally knowledge of this one cos its me – I was expressing disgust at false accusations, reversal indicates my belief people are engaging in mental masturbation with their own dysfunctions – mark=damage on psyche) – posted May 17

Linda Moulton Howe – I’ll get the wolf – posted May 17

Joseph Chappilone talking about “reptillian aliens” – Who the hell was this – posted may 17

Jopseph Chappilone – Hear my rival – posted May 17

Jonathon (dead alien burrito in the freezer) Reed – That was the sideshow – posted May 17

Sherman Skolnick – The shits that we hit – posted May 17

Sherman Skolnick talking about impeachment – Why upset their stain

Ken Kalb on David John Oates show – My bear must forget

State department spokesman, James Rubin – I’m not an (ass/asp?)

Sherman Skolnick on Jeff Rense – Still beat the shit

Talk show host, Jeff Rense – We’re making it silly

Sherman Skolnick – Yeah, without my lotion, I need burn

Sherman Skolnick – Wash the weather

Caller on Coast to Coast after Bell’s resignation (does this man not like Bell?) – Art Bell was a villain

Dr. Christine Northrup, new age self help speaker – Finding all, or find ass

Alien abduction therapist – David Jacobs – Your anus will fall (interesting considering alledged stories of rectal probe examinations of alien abductees)

Christine Northrup – My feather, no weiner ??????

Dr. Christine Northrup, self help, new age guru – Aim to fuck him

David Jacobs, MD, alien abduction therapist – Millionaire who doesn’t (share/show?)

Alan Mesher, a “psychic” on Coast to Coast – The women won’t forget – excellent complementarity

HAHA Jeff Rense talking about few callers – They shit in the show

They had to lose some money (Gangaji – spiritual leader)

HAHA I’m famous, I’m famous now (A caller to Bell)

Art Bell, they have a scam (Linda Moulton Howe)

Neil Lipson was the hammer (Caller to Bell – no idea who Neil Lipson is)

Foster your fear (Bell guest, confidant of the late Malachi Martin)

They had to want it (FDA Employee, Arthur Evangelista)

Al Gore fled the flu (Jeff Rense)

Al Gore was dirt (Sherman Skolnick)

The myth versus the Math (Time travel expert, Dave Anderson on Bell show)

I mark the shame of need to kill

The girl will suffer (Steiger talking to a caller)

Now a bitch (caller about ghosts)

HAHAHA!!! Yeah, and I’m afraid I’ve had one (Caller on Bell)

He missed the wife (Dames on Bell)

Making your effort sad (Brad Steiger on Bell)

My feather, yeah its you (Brad Steiger on Bell)

The shit that mock when they rape (Preacher John Magee)

Our fear of Oates (Ed Dames on Art Bell show the night he resigned – 04/01/00) – This reversal joins a long line of similar reversals found on Clinton (Seal the mouth of Oates), the FBI director (We’re scared of the Oates) and many other public figures. Many of these similar reversals can be found on this website

I’m a shovelled moron (Bruce Goldberg)

There was one God (Animal communicator, Bill Northern, on Rense show)

Produce the feather (Bill Northern)

He must have the fate (The late Malachi Martin)

Sue Bell (Sherman Skolnick)

I’ll shine a terror (Lina Moulton Howe on Art Bell)

He makes a deal without this (Dr. Bruce Goldberg on Bell show)

The navel feeds the lie (Dr. Bruce Golberg)

I am a sham of evil (UFO Lawyer Peter Gersten)

No more rape (Peter Gersten)

The weather shit (Peter Gersten)

He ropes her shit (Don Ecker)

Wash your money (Skolnick)

Art Bell will (beat/beep) the shit (Skolnick)

Bell touch my feather (Skolnick)

The sin is an illusion (Dr. Larry Dossey MD)

The drug and the fall (A caller to Bell)

My sister was no Earl (Linda Howe on Rense show)

Surf with her mother (Talk show host Rolly James)

You’re in the shit (Talk show host Rolly James)

They’re wounded (WACO Investigator, Michael McNaulty)

Someone needs to pick on – Peter Gersten on Art Bell

I have the photo – Ufologist Forrest Crawford on Jeff Rense

I’ll miss the (bus/boss) – Ufologist Forrest Crawford

I am a phoney – Ufologist Forrest Crawford on Jeff Rense show

Feather in her shit – caller to Doctor Laura (Curious contradiction – spirit in her “shit”)

We will beef this up – Ufologist Joyce Murphy

Wolf shines a feather – Ufologist Joyce Murphy (Powerful metaphor, spiritual strength)

House is Divine – Ufologist Joyce Murphy

See sheep serve the (vine/wine) – Ed Dames (Interesting reversal – “sheep serve” is a constant reversal on the words “reverse speech”. Here we see it on a different set of words, yet with the same spiritual context.)

Art Bell, he sells dogma (Caller to Bell show)

Maybe I was leaving (Caller on Dr. Laura)

Not safe at night (Caller to Dr. Laura)

They’ll admit, I’ll leave them a shit (Reporter on crash of Alaskan Airlines flight)

Girls fought the guy in a van / Dad’s so silly. he’s in a hurry (Caller on Dr. Laura)

But in the weather, Ed the faggot shine (Robert Raith, the alien burrito man)

The feather hit the hoser (Call to Art Bell show)

I am a bitter witness (Jeff Rense with Sherman Skolnick)

Yes, you wash their bullet (Sherman Skolnick on Jeff Rense)

On to you, scheme (Caller to Skolnick)

He knows who wet the weather (Ed Dames on Art Bell)

See sheeps. they make a deal (Ed Dames on Bell)

Catscan of the worm (Ed Dames on Art Bell)

Incense I have had (Caller into Ed Dames)

I’ll beat Jesus (Richard Hoagland on Art Bell)

The shots said bullshit (Richard Hoagland on Art Bell)

Sign the finance (Richard Hoagland on Art Bell)

She stuck me with her boner. Her hips are freed (Caller to Hoagland on the Bell show)

Your own stomach in (Sherman Skolnick on JFK assassination on Art Bell)

The master of the baby (Lloyd Pye on Art Bell)

This will be a Nazi (Lloyd Pye on Art Bell)

I make you laugh (Lloyd Pye on Art Bell)

They laugh at Eden (Lloyd Pye on Art Bell)

I am arrogant (Lloyd Pye on Art Bell)

My role for you (Native american author, Paul Allen on Art Bell)

He’ll scan their evil one (Art Bell talking about remote viewer, Ingo Swann)

We fear the OPs (CIA agent, Tony Mendez on Art Bell)

Kill Eric, the love (Peter Gersten on Art Bell)

Wish him Dead (Steve Bassett on Art Bell)

Stay calm when the power’s gonna be on (Raleigh James interviewing Richard Noone about earthquakes)

Suck a Busch and I am mad (Richard Noone responding – Busch – American brand of beer?)

Seal, the book is damned (U.S. Talk show host, Hilly Rose, interviewing Dr. Wade Davis, expert on Haitian voodoo and author of the book “The Serpent and the Rainbow”)

Man, mock my shit (Dr. Wade Davis)

Bullshit the need. Bullshit, oh shit (Dr. Wade Davis)

Yeah, gonna fix it, our bear will sign the law (Michio Kaku on Art Bell show)

Such a defeat (Michio Kaku)

Medium money (Michio Kaku)

Friend, let me say this (The Great Randi)

He masturbates a guy (The Great Randi)

Whores will have seen it (The Great Randi)

Now its the mark (The Great Randi)

In the force, smell bong (The Great Randi, talking about a conversation he had with a cop in prison while preparing for a jail break)

We fuck her (The Great Randi)

Its the dark base (Nick Beggich on HAARP)

She left us (Nick Beggich)

Be a CATscan in the safe (Nick Beggich)

Art Bell, they have a scam (Linda Moulton Howe)

Elks in the Weather (Linda Moulton Howe)

No beef for the bowels (Howe, amusing – she is vegetarian)

Evil washes us (Stanton Friedman)

This ugliness, this is the worst (Russel Targ)

Or we’ll suggest the bullshit (Jeff Rense)

They’re way out in the sea, worst enemy (Stanton Friedman)

You’re in, number one (Stanton Friedman)

They’re sueing us (Stanton Friedman)

Yes, and the finance (Stanton Friedman)

This guys not got it (Caller to Stanton Friedman)

My name is nausea (Lloyd Pye)

They feed the mutts back on the shelf with good money (Pye)

The Mark on wolf. (Reversal on Dr. Bruce Goldberg)

We train this, the mark. (Dr. Bruce Goldberg)

Face in the rain (Dr. Bruce Goldberg)

Its the name that kisses Nasa (Whitley Strieber)

They seem to get absurd (or it is upset?) – Whitley Streiber

And the ship are sinking (Chris Carter – X files director)

I’ll fuck with you (Dr. Bruce Goldberg)

Here are some reversals on a very powerful spiritual figure named “Gangaji.”

I shield my city

Sin admits it

I am feather

Now I’m real

Imminent Regime


They’re on the lawyers (TV Evangelist)

They’re washing their boot (TV Evangelist)

The master of seeing Earth in its cell (TV Evangelist)

Goddamn you (TV Evangelist)

And I had a lesson, show me Lord (James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family)

We’ll fuck against the wall. We’re in Hell (Church member to James Dobson.)

Yes, admit their focus (James Dobson)

The world’s gonna beg for his shit (Christian counsellor)

The earth’s in a lemon (Preacher on religious channel)

Sitting in my (whore/hole)

Yes, a sermon

I’m a sad boy

Met the wolf

I’ll serve no wolf

You’re a faggot (Female preacher)

I wanna eat (Homeless man interviewed on religious channel)

Shift in the foam (Homeless man – foam is metaphor for rabid hysterical communication – talking about the preaching?)


I masturbate the crime (Bill Clinton)

Issues are evil (Bill Clinton)

Subverse into the scalp (Bill Clinton)

Earlier today (Jan 11 2000), David put up some new reversals I’ve found on more members of the alternative community. I feel there are some words I should say now to put each of them in their proper context.

The one reversal which is most likely to cause serious controversy comes from talk-show host Jeff Rense. There are thing that I would like to clarify about this reversal. This comes from a July 18th program that Jeff did with political-conspiracy theorist Sherman Skolnick, who was postulating his theory that JFK Jr. had been assassinated. What people should bare in mind is…..

1) that this reversal does not necessarily reflect poorly on the integrity of Sherman Skolnick’s work.
2) that Jeff Rense merely seems to be wrestling with an inner skepticism about Sherman’s claim.

I’ve been a fan of Jeff’s for some time, and within the past 6 months, have had 7 articles published on his website. But inpresenting reverse speech, one cannot be led by personal likes and dislikes, by political ideologies, or by personal biases. Reverse speech investigators are obligated to present all findings and let the public make up their own mind.

Other reversals that may be controversial involve renowned UFOlogist Stanton Friedman.

For the past 50 years, perhaps no man in the field of UFOlogy has commanded more respect than Stanton Friedman. He has authored numerous books, is a staple of television documentaries and alternative-talk radio, and is purportedly leading the charge to force government disclosure of all UFO-related documents. He is often referred to as “the Grandfather of UFOlogy,” and his reputation is viewed as above reproach by most UFO buffs.

I’ve long found Friedman to be a very compelling and articulate figure, and have always wondered what one might find by putting him “under the microscope” of reverse speech.

Last week, on Oates’ show (Jan 7 2000), I made the mistake of getting too personal in the analysis of my reversals. (Read my apologies to Lloyd Pye and Dr. Goldberg). What I would like to do in the case of Stanton Friedman is, rather than offer my personal insights, simply put them in a proper context and let YOU decide their ultimate significance

On one reversal, while speaking forwards about the accusation made by
some that he’s a disinformationist, he says in reverse, “Yes, and the finance.”

While saying forwards that Colonel Phillip Corso may have been dishonest about his serving at a military base, he says in reverse, “You’re in, number one.”

When saying forwards that he wrote a very critical response to Corso’s book, his reversal says, “Name is now seer with a gun.” (Perhaps Corso
is a “seer,” and his info about Roswell is the “gun.”)

Talking about his decision to appear on a UFO TV special, he says in reverse, “Evil washes us.”

Speaking about the ability of the former Soviets to make nuclear weapons, he says, “They’re way out in the sea, worst enemy.”

Referring to a lawsuit between William Birnes and Corso, he says in reverse, “They’re suing us.”

And a caller to the Art Bell show, who was interviewing Friedman, challenged him strongly on his key points about Corso. In reverse, he says, “This guy’s not got it.”

Make of these what you will.

I have also found reversals on an obscure but EXTREMELY interesting
spiritual teacher named “Gangaji.” I find these of particular interest when considering the work David has done on many noted big religion and big new age figures. While reversals on many of these people shown them to be self-aggrandizing, delusional, and uncertain of their own work, Gangaji’s reversals are not only congruent, but convey a remarkable beauty and clarity of thought. Here are some examples:

Forwards, she says, “I know who I am, I am not looking for that (external validation) any more?” Backwards: “I am feather.”

Other reversals include:

“I shield my city.” (A powerful metaphor stating that she protects the deepest part of her psyche from tyrannical thoughts.)

“Sin admits it.” (Forwards, she spoke of the extreme highs and lows of human emotion.)

“Now I’m real.” (Shows she is not ruled by the illusion of ego.)

David has often demonstrated that most renowned figures in the fields of self-improvement and mainstream religion are often also the most arrogant, the most angry, the most self-deluded, while many genuine Masters languish in obscurity, where there teachings are known only to a select few. It’s a phenomena that I’ll never fully understand.