Reversals on Apollo Astronauts Moon Conspiracy

NASA's Apollo 11 Mission Patch - Reverse Speech Analysis and reversals on the Apollo Astronauts.

Reversals on Apollo Astronauts Moon Conspiracy

These are reversals found on one of the Apollo Astronauts, Neil Armstrong, when he was questioned about whether or not we really went to the Moon. The speech reversals found do show that Neil is telling the truth and are congruent and support the astronauts story.

On Friday, August 19, 2016 David featured these reversals and explanations about the Moon landings on his Radio Show. You can listen here:


Apollo Astronauts Apollo 11 Moon Mission - Reversal Analysis of Audio

Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin On The Moon

Apollo 11 was the first spaceflight that landed humans on the Moon on July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong became the first to step onto the lunar surface Aldrin joined him about 20 minutes later. They spent about two hours and fifteen minutes together on the surface. This audio was from when they were on the surface walking around. Two of Aldrin’s reversals are from and interview when he was much older but are relevant to the mission.


Aldrin – “..through the upper surface of the soil with about 5 or 6 inches of bay, it ah, breaks loose and ah ???? it [ah were caked on the] surface when in fact it really isn’t” – And I get your word. – he is hearing Houston.


Aldrin – “..there ah, the blue collar of my boots have ah, completely disappeared now, and it is all,.. Still don’t know exactly what [color to describe this sort of], grayish, cocoa color.” – But there’s dark, see the dust. – giving extra information about the moon walk.


Aldrin – “(Aldrin) Neil is now [unveiling the pla]que that is.. (Armstrong) For those who haven’t ah, read the plaque, ah, we’ll read the plaque that’s on the front landing gear of this LEM…” – Off from your LEM. – giving the location of the plaque both forwards and backwards.


Aldrin – “[It’s up front], pull other one.” – Oh fuck it. – he is frustrated, or made a mistake.


Aldrin – “[Lift the left ??? then that one].” – Open this, develop it. – meaning unsure, maybe referring to developing the film in the camera.


Aldrin – “Right in this area there are 2 craters, ah the one that’s right in front of me now as i look off in about the uh, 11 o’clock position from ???.” – Yes I know it. – congruent reversal – confirming what he said.


Aldrin – “[Got my suit dirty at] this stage.” – Needed this helmet. – congruent reversal – he needs the helmet as he exits the lander.


Aldrin – “I wanna uh, [backup and] partially prove that.” – The backup. – congruent reversal, using the same words backwards as he does forwards, he is backing out of the lander.


Aldrin – “It might be ah, a secondary strut, backup had little thermal ef[fects on it] right here in the ????” – Then I step. – congruent reversal as he steps down the ladder.


Aldrin – “So, anyway Houston um, talked [a minute or two then they said], well look uh, we’re going to look over all the circuits see if we can get around that circuit breaker, ah if it can’t be activated…” – We’ve seen a noose with dilemma. – congruent reversal – their lives were in danger cos of a broken switch.


Aldrin – “There’s electricity behind that. I’m not sure I want to stick my little finger. Here’s a ball point [pen but that’s metal], mm, OK. We did have a felt tip pen, it wasn’t illegal but somehow it wasn’t on the, the list…” – LEM set them there. – stating a fact – the LEM put them on the lunar surface.


Armstrong – “..initial trajectory upwards service that are most of the ??? of the uh, [particle] I found might be terrain.” – Look it up. – meaning unknown.


Armstrong – “???, you’re on, you’ve got three more [steps then a long one].” – And I’ll remember space. – he will always remember his experience in space and the moon.


Armstrong – “OK your purpose looks like it’s clear and OK, the doors are about to [come over loose fill].” – Wife feel the vomit. – aware his wife is probably greatly worried.


Houston – “(Roger Beep) Neil this is Houston based on your camera transfer with the [LAC do you fore]see any difficulty in air guard C transfer, over.” – You’ll free this delay. – they will get moving on their mission.



Neil Armstrong Reversal Analysis

Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong - Reverse Speech Analysis of Moon Landing


Armstrong – “The Moon has no atmosphere so you’re flying in a vacuum, and the gravity is much lower, so the characteristics of a [flying machine in that envi]ronment are very different then they are here on Earth.” – You land that mission now. – a congruent reversal – as he recalls his landing the reversal supports his story, saying the same thing.


Armstrong – “..those variations and be able to feel comfortable in flying the Lunar Module to ah, to the [surface of the] Moon in, in the actual condition.” – It was the first. – another congruent reversal – it was the first moon landing mission.


Armstrong – “..Art, do you think you and your guys are ready are, are, is there anything that you’re really concerned about that you don’t think we understand well enough that you, [we can’t go on] and so I was involved in those discussions.” – And all will thank you. – he is aware of the gratitude people have.


Armstrong – “..uh, out of the reflected sound [it gets pretty] reasonable, a very shaky ride in the, in that particular rocket the Saturn…” – We looked sick. – they looked sick due to the shaking of the rocket – giving more information about his story.


Armstrong – “..of diverting our attention away from our primary responsibilities because problems usually [occur when you least expect them]. And you can’t get complacent, you have to keep paying attention and we were very determined…” – It helps get sealed in your work. – congruent reversal to get involved in his work.


Armstrong – “..but he banged into the circuit breaker that controlled the SN engine that got us back into orbit ah, I think that ah, that when we recognized that we thought uh, it probably will hold but uh, maybe we better see if there’s a way to increase our chances of uh, of, of, maki[ng sure the circuit breaker wouldn’t] automatically disengage…” – Look, we’ll get the solution. – congruent reversal as they trouble shoot a problem on the space craft.


Armstrong – “[Ron I, you know I real]ly think that had we not that we’d still been alright but uh, it was just insurance, it’s nice to get a little insurance.” – We were wanting that knob. – another congruent reversal – a switch had broken in the lander and they needed to fix it.


Armstrong – “We’d been de[scending about 2000] meters a minute, we’re now down to about below a thousand meters in altitude. Uh, Houst, my, my ah, my computer tells me that we’re, it’s taking us to a landing just on the right side of that big crater on the, up on the left hand corner, the slopes are steep and the rocks look very large, the size of automobiles, certainly not a place that I want to land. So I took over manually from the computer, the auto pilot and flew it like a helicopter on out to the West to try to find a smoother more level landing spot.” – I boosted our burn in this. – congruent reversal – he flew longer than planned to find a landing site.



Apollo 11 Astronauts News Conference

Picture of Apollo 11 Astronauts Armstrong, Collins, & Aldrin Circa 1969 - Reversal Analysis on News Conference

Michael Collins

Collins – “..the uh, the LEM I had, an easy time, because I had a docking target which is not to clearly visible here, which allowed me to align the [probe, and the drone], which is that dark spot you see on the upper right…” – Involved in that walk.


Collins – “..during this time I also checked out the proper vehicle response [to uh, my stick inputs], and here shortly you’ll see the actual docking somewhat speeded up.” – Stealth may get some of it.


Collins – “I have uh, in general, just a series of slides which [in the interest of time I’m] not going to uh, dwell on, but I…” – Our masters are famous.



Edwin Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin Jr.

Aldrin – “[This is the view out] the right window. Up close to the horizon you see a, a boulder field…” – Worry this is it.


Aldrin – “Most of the craters have rounded edges, however, there is a variation in the uh, in the age of these, as we can [tell by the sharpness of the edge of] the crater.” – This is passion I want.


Aldrin – “We also made use of the stars through the telescope, uh, and aligning a uh, cross-hair by rotating the, [the field of view], until the cross-hair superimposed on the stars…” – We believe it.


Aldrin – “We went through an averaging technique on board and, then, uh, fed this information into the computer and [this came up with our various alignment] checks.” – And I will serve rudder from Nixon.


Aldrin – “[We did find that] uh, mobility on the surface was in general uh, a good bit better than perhaps we uh, had anticipated it…” – They now fib you.


Aldrin – “Uh, jump in more of a Kangaroo fashion, two feet at a time. Uh, this seemed to work, uh, but without [quite the same] degree of control uh, of your stability as you moved along.” – Massive guilt.


Aldrin – “..3 to 4 steps ahead, in comparison to the 1 to [2 steps that are ahead] when you’re uh, walking on the Earth.” – They heard us fetch it.


Aldrin – “..The uh, two experiments, uh, that you saw in the previous picture, uh, were deployed in the scientific equipment bay. Uh, we found that uh, getting them down [uh, produced] no significant problems..” – See the fun.


Aldrin – “..Here you see uh, a view of my carrying these two experiments out to the deployment site, about 70 feet to the uh, South, of the [Lunar Module]. You have a very good view of the uh, varying depths of this uh, upper surface layer…” – We’re dominant.


Aldrin – “..would take a good bit of attention as you’re uh, moving along, to avoid walking along, or down the [slope of some of these smaller craters]…” – See their calm, see they must be false.


Aldrin – “That is the U.S. Eagle, carrying the Olive branch, to the Lunar surface, and we thought it was appropriate to uh, deposit this replica of [the Olive branch uh], before we left.” – I share the lie.


Aldrin – “..when we were finally inserted into orbit I believe there was something in the order of a half, half a mile, or 7/10ths of a mile difference in the apogee, uh, in the [resulting orbit].” – The bomb it was you.


Aldrin – “..of course the Apollo 12 mission will have two different periods of, of EVA one early in the mission, and then a sleep [period, and then another EVA], uh, following that uh… ” – Yah, we were running in the dirt.


Aldrin – “I, I, I don’t think we have any particular uh, recommendations for how, how they should change their mission. It, it is a continuing, uh, evolvement of uh, EVA [capability, and uh, scientific ex]ploration that, that they are undertaking on that flight.” – Benefit NASA and hear the love with Dick.


Aldrin – “..The moon is uh, takes on more of a, of a brown color uh, almost uh, [and becomes uh, almost] a rosy looking place uh, a fairly friendly place.” – To Mars making it.


Aldrin – “Now in any area like this, there are always certain identifying [features that] you can count on, certain patterns of craters…” – There’s a ship.



Neil Alden Armstrong

Armstrong – “In the bottom right of the, uh, photograph, is the crater Masculine, and in the bottom center is the mountain [called Boot Hill].” – I did walk.


Armstrong – “..and there’s Masculine W, uh, it occurred approximate, approximately 2 to 3 seconds late, and [gave us the] clue that we would probably land uh, somewhat long.” – It’s so big.


Armstrong – “ that it degraded our ability to determine not only our altitude, and altitude rate in the final phases, but also, and probably more importantly, our translational velocities o, over the ground. It’s uh, quite important not to stub your toe [during the final phases of] touchdown.” – This is it, why offer nerve.


Armstrong – “The probe, uh, in this picture, was folded over and, [sticks up through the sand in] the bottom right hand, uh, corner…” – And the salute Buzz gets.


Armstrong – “..uh, uh, a double picture. It’s actually a stereo picture of uh, of fine particulate material in the moon. This is taken from uh, glass, and uh, the analysis of uh, the cause [or, that characteristic is of] extreme interest to the scientific community.” – Give us circuits to crack that off.


Armstrong – “However, uh, in the left side of the picture, where it is not uh, as dark, [there was al]so a good bit of walking and, so that indicates that uh, the walking probably just, uh, in, increases your ability to notice the effects of the strange uh lighting…” – Was a weapon.


Armstrong – “..excellent view of the, our, our uh, take off trajectory and tranquility [base as we left]. And at all times through the ascent we could pick up, uh, landmarks…” – Fail you’re so sad.


Armstrong – “..had very little time for meditation it turns out that we were quite busy [throughout the time period with] uh the same sorts of things that uh, the crews of past flights had done after their flight.” – Feel their master powers.


Armstrong – “Yes, we were concerned about running low on fuel and the range extension that we did to avoid the boulder field and craters uh used up [significant percentage of our fuel mar]gins and we were ah, quite close to our legal limit.” – We promised to NASA, they defend this.


Armstrong – “We were never able to see stars from the Lunar surface, or on the daylight side of the moon, by eye without [looking through the optics].” – Skip by the Eagle.


Armstrong – “..uh, Lunar landing training facilities, uh, and uh, and, trainers [that we have will do that] job sufficiently well. Uh, above that I think it’s just a matter of uh, pilot experience…” – That evil, they healed it.


Armstrong – “..took the opportunity to try and take some, some photographs of it but, uh, our film was just not [sufficiently] fast to uh, to capture th, the event…” – Build the ships.


Armstrong – “Uh, however this does show the brightest part of the solar corona, it [extends uh, several moon] diameters in, in addition on each side. They’re roughly parallel to, to that light…” – My vessel’s next.


Armstrong – “..think we really have to give the credit to the control cen[ter in this case. They were the people that] really came through and helped us, and said continue. Which is what we wanted to hear…” – All people with Nixon knew.



Apollo 11 Astronauts 20 Year Reunion News Conference

20 Year Apollo 11 Crew Reunion

Neil Alden Armstrong

Armstrong – “Well uh, every launch day is uh, a time of excitement, enthusiasm, and apprehension [but I think] ah, in most circumstances uh, you always feel that the chances of actually lifting off are fairly distant and remote…” – Get fed up.


Armstrong – “Well I (clears throat) there can be some very attractive cases made for going to Mars some of the various uh, approaches to doing that in both manned and unmanned ah, [machines ah, seem to] be very persuasive to me.” – We’ve missed Mars mission.


Edwin Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin Jr.

Aldrin – “..and it indeed was ah, a philosophical moment of achievement. It was also ah, a, a technical challenge as we found that the flag didn’t exactly ah, perform as we ah, put it together and it ah, didn’t stick in the ground exactly the way we thought it would, there was no breeze to wave it so maybe artificially create a little breeze. So, it was a great mixture with a [I think a sense of] pride and ah, will be a remembering event photographing ah, individuals along side the flag.” – Does NASA give that?


Aldrin – “..those first few seconds when you and I touched down and, and a, there was a, there were [numerous things that ah, we needed to do but] we also needed to announce to the world that we were there and then pause for moment and things were quiet…” – The word within you heard this NASA moon.



Reversal Analysis of Video Astronauts Gone Wild


Here are some reversals found on Apollo Astronauts in the video "Astronauts gone wild." The video purports to expose the alleged moon hoax, claiming that we never went to the moon. Speech reversals found, however, are congruent and support the astronauts story.

"Now what that all meant I don’t know, but it wasn’t the kind of radiation that gave us a problem of any kind. You could see it. You could close your eyes and just see these things shoot by." You see this (Talking about traveling through the radiation belt. A congruent reversal.)

"But we did go to the moon. You betcha sweet ass we went to the moon." Inevitable saga (Congruent. Confirming what he is saying forward.)

"I dont feel like I have to do that. The data speaks for itself." The boy got ass (Irritation at the reporter)

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