Reversal Of Richard C Hoagland

Coast to Coast 29th August 2002

After receiving a request from a member of The Enterprise Mission bulletin board for a reversal analysis of the well known "Face On Mars" researcher, Richard C Hoagland, we are pleased to present reversals from his appearances on Coast to Coast on 29th August 2002. The broadcast was made a week before he released images that he claimed shows a hidden city buried beneath the surface of Mars.

For the most part his reversals are congruent (ie: he is saying essentially the same thing backwards as he is forwards). This indicates that he believes what he is saying. However, his feelings for those in his chat room and conference room are somewhat doubtful (They’re fucked). Also of interest are the reversals "send the Kennedys in", and "December warning". What are they referring to?

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"…the site will be extremely slow tonight and cranky and i will explain in a moment why that is…" See that owl

"…if you cant get into enterprise directly go art bell dot com, Keith i believe has kindly provided a link to the paper…" Fakes, damn it. They’re not red

"I also want to say hullo to all the people in the enterprise chat room and the enterprise conference, cos we have an awful lot of members." They’re fucked

"..we have found 2 of these images, not one but 2 and if you go to the top of our page … you will see an image…" You see wisdom now

"…thats the image that everbody who rushed in there…" Now wanting your image

"…it looks like somebody had backed up a semi, a big dump truck and dumped noise on the bottom image…" The healer must go slowly

"…i want to make it very clear, i have said over and over again that 99.9 percent of nasa is honest. I absolutely firmly 100% believe that." You’re fine with NASA

"…you have been the victims, as we have, the american people of an extraordinary fraud and theft." Send the Kennedys in

"..theres a history evertime you open an image that is recorded." I’m a boring masturbator (metaphor – self gratification)

"…do you understand how to look at multi spectrals George, he said knowing that George does not…" I’m just jokin’

"….so we can monitor oil slicks and see where acid rain is coming from.." December warning

"…thats what this mathematical program does…" The sneaky fellows drop it

"..if it is real and i have absolutely no doubt tonight based on a bunch of evidence that we cant present here…" There’s a fake

"…you have served faithfully in that chair – and i wanted you tonight to have first crack at this extraordinary story of the century…" You will see it first


Post Script 1: I was disappointed today (Sept 5th 2002) to see a very lively and healthy discussion on Reverse Speech, and these reversals, taken down from Richard Hoagland’s website, The Enterprise Mission, on the request of, as i just discovered, Richard himself. It is most disturbing to see this take place on a usually "anything goes" bbs. Perhaps Richard needs to be reminded of his own endorsements of Reverse Speech still posted on his website. They can be found here, and an extensive one halfway down this page here. What is happening here? Why does Hoagland endorse RS on one hand when it supports his cause, as the above links show, and yet censors it later? And what does this action say about aspects of his investigation?.

Post Script 2: A week after these reversals were posted, continuing tensions between Richard Hoagland and the Enterprise mission conference finally exploded and the link to the conference was removed from the enterprise mission website. This is amazing confirmation of the reversal "They’re fucked."

Post Script 3: And now, even more stunning confirmation of the reversals found on Richard Hoagland. First, in a post made on the enterprise mission forum, the following was revealed – "Neither the ASU/NASA nor the TEM THEMIS IR images are worth diddley squat in performing scientific data analysis.Why? Because none of the IR (InfraRed) Frequency bands are present in the images. Just Kodak images. CCD (Charged Coupled Device) camera images with each stripe being the same image but through a different optical filter. The IR Band data won’t bereleased until 30 October 2002. (I think that’s what I read there). There is NO WAY either of these images could be processed for "intelligence data". Therefore, the images released by TEM did NOT contain the IR data. Is this what this reversal means – "Fakes, damn it. They’re not red." (or INFRAred?)

Post Script 4: PRESS RELEASE


Coast to Coast 5th September 2002

As our analysis of Richard C. Hoagland continues, we are now pleased to present reversals found on his appearance on Coast to Coast 5th of September 2002 where he claimed to have found a city encased in ice below the Martian surface at Cydonia, Mars. We found very few reversals on this 4 hour show, compared to the one hour interview we analyzed earlier in this week (see below). Most of the reversals occurred in the first hour and then gradually became less and less as the show continued. They seemed to be more concerned with personal motives and agenda rather than with the factuality of his story.

Here is a radio interview that David did with Jeff Rense about these reversals. Copy url into winamp to stream the show ( or click here to download 13 meg mp3 file.

Click on the reversal to download mp3 file

First of all, a big hullo to the folks of NASA from the staff of RS! – Hullo NASA

"…saw it posted on the website at ASU on July 24th of this year…" I get vulnerable

":…with the provision that the data we are looking at is real…" I want it, scandal

"..I would say that my confidence level is now 99.999%…" Fuck, I’m the best

" other words i think its there, and theres a whole bunch of reasons we are going to go through.." Still worried

"…he went to his bosses there are asked if they would be interested in publishing the data…" Evil with them

Art Bell – Medicine

" can see that you’ve got edges to them, you’ve got bright rims…" Shall feed my Throne to bring you awe (metaphor – self gratification)

"…its full of dust, this is science everybody…" NASA’s full of shit

"…the image you’re so blown away about, the one that looks like LA…" I bail an old boss

"…we’re looking at some relatives of the human species…" Lets see all our rubbish * (Scroll down to bottom of the page to see a waveform analysis of this reversal.)

Keith Laney: "…i was scared to death, scared to death…" I freaked

"…he posted some peculiar thereads…" A walk’s a walk, Still I know stealth

"…somebody has dropped 15 car loads of noise on top of it and done a few other things…" Play the part

Keith Laney: "…they tried to take the blocks off, thats exactly what they did…" False gold will get the darker me (metaphor – fooled by an illusion?)

"…all you do is send us a check to enterprise misssion at PO box …" No worries. The best yet. (or) I can scam a new debt

"..all we did was take the infra red that keith had meticuously processed…" I feel silly. Get them to seek it

"…do you want to make a side bet art, he is the guy…" Art doesnt see

"…but he does not have the guts to stand up in front of 20 million people and say that on the air, does he…" He’s a dream

"…I will pursue my contacts and try to get some responsibile official from the program on your program…" My wolf in my bullshit (metaphor – he is motivated and immersed in his **** )

[WOLF prime central metaphor; the part of personality that is the hunter & protector of the Psyche; prime motivator behind behavior; the state of the Wolf metaphor directly influences success and control of life; ones ability to be self motivated and firm. (From RS Metaphor Dictionary)]

"…if its not just being warmed by the sun but if its warm in and of itself…." You’ll get silly


Waveform analysis

Here are copies of waveforms for the reversal "Lets see all our rubbish".

1/ The entire forwards, then the reversal at three speeds

2/ The entire forwards, then the entire reverse. Note the reverse waveform is the same as the forwards, except reversed.

3/ The reversal isolated – forwards and reversed – click here to listen.

4/ A comparison of an attempt to repeat the reversal by saying the same sentence forwards. Note both waveforms and the reversed are completely different from the original sound. ie: you cannot reproduce the reversal by saying the same sentence forwards and reversing it. Click here to listen