Republican Front Runners of the Iowa Caucuses

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz


Ted – “..people and ask for their support. The reason is simple, because when I look my girls in the eyes ten, twenty years from now [I am not going to tell them we] could’ve stood up and saved this country.” – You molested a con-man.


Ted – “If you want a candidate to repeal Obama care then support a candidate who has lead the fight to repeal [Obama care].” – Break it up.


Ted – “And I want to speak for a [moment to the soldiers], and sailors, and airmen, and marines I want to speak to the Moms and Dads who have a child serving overseas, I want to speak to the husbands and wives who wake up at night wondering if their loved one is still alive, I want to speak to the little kids who have been waiting months upon months to get a hug from Daddy, a kiss from Mommy.” – Their ghost, it is their Mom.


Ted – “..who believes in limited government in per[sonal opportunity] and the United States Constitution and a safe and secure America.” – They resist your powers.


Ted – “Morning is coming. Morning is coming. Thank [you and God bless you].” – We shall not do it.


Donald John Trump, Sr.

Donald Trump


Donald – “[Thank you. Thank you very much].” – America, wake up.


Donald – “I can see her. Come over [we’ll sign a couple of things].” – And he’s a fucking asshole. – Talking about Obama.


Donald – “[Thank you very much. Thank you]. Thank you very much, I love you people.” – Wake up, America.


Donald – “Congratulations to [everybody].” – We love you.


Donald – “Iowa, [we love you], we thank you.” – We value.


Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio


Marco – “And if they win, our the balance of our supreme court will be controlled by liberal justices [for over a decade or longer].” – And nobody fed their wolf.


Marco – “..and New Hampshire we will see you [in the morning]. Thank you and God bless you.” – An omen.