Republican Debate September 2015

Here are some of the speech reversals found during the second Republican debate September 2015.

Jeb Bush


Bush – “(MC) Governor you said quote, she is sworn to uphold the law. (Bush) She is and so, if she, based on counscious can’t sign that, that marriage license then there should be someone in her office to be able to do it. And if the law needs to be changed in the state of Kentucky, which is what she’s advocating, [it should be] changed.” – Give the shit.


Bush – “ reestablish our commitment to Israel which has been tattered by this administration and make sure that they have the most sophisticated weapons to send a signal to Iran that we have [Israels back].” – I’d lose it.


Bush – “What was his position on who would’ve been the best negotiator to deal with Iran? It wasn’t a republican. It was Hillary Clinton. [That’s what you believe].” – Hillary’s upset.


Carly Fiorina


Fiorina – “..but unlike Mrs. Clinton I know that flying is an activity, it is not an accomplishment. Mrs. Clinton if you want to stump a democrat, ask them to name [an accomplishment] of Mrs. Clinton’s.” – And she’ll mock on it.


Fiorina – “..75% of the American people think the government is corrupt. [82]% of the American people think these problems that have festered for 50 years in some cases 25 years in other cases, the board has been insecure for 25 years.” – Bush did it.


Fiorina – “Problems have festered in Washington for too long and the potential of this nation is [being crushed].” – Choke me.


Fiorina – “..which is intelligence. We could give the Jordanians what they’ve asked for, [bombs and material] we have not supplied it, I will, we could arm the Kurds. They have been asking us for 3 years. ” – Liars in this mob.


Fiorina – “We doubled the size of the company, we quadrupled it’s top line growth rate, we quadrupled its cash flow, we tripled its rate of innovation. Yes we had to [make tough] choices.” – Fuck him.


Fiorina – “You have not heard a plan about Iran from any poli[tician up here], here’s my plan. On day one in the Oval office I will make two phone calls. The first to my good friend BB Netanyahu to reassure him we will stand with the state of Israel…” – We punish it.


Ben Carson


Carson – “Ah, if we don’t seal the border the rest of the stuff really doesn’t matter it’s, it’s kind of ridiculous are the other things we talk about. We have the ability to [do it’ we don’t have the will] to do it. There was one area where they had cut a hole in the fence and to repair it, they had put a few strands of barbed wire across.” – Play with that Hollywood.


Chris Christie


Christie – “..but what the American people want to hire right now is somebody who [believes in them].” – Madness evil.


Ted Cruz


Cruz – “Now, I also want to respond to several of the folks [up here who] said, ‘We should trust this Iranian deal and see if the Iranians will comply.’ ” – You rape us.


Mike Huckabee


Huckabee – “This is not just a little conflict with a middle eastern country [that we’ve just now given] over a $100 billion dollars to. The equivalent in U.S. terms is $5 trillion dollars.” – The big mind says deal with it.


Rand Paul


Paul – “I think there’s nothing more important than understanding that the constitution restrains government [not the peo]ple.” – Be the fun.


Donald Trump


Trump – “ I know it very well, that I don’t like is if you make [$200 million] dollars a year you pay 10% your paying very little relatively to somebody that’s making $50 thousand dollars a year and has to hire H&R Block to do the work because it’s so complicated.” – A million that knows debt.


Trump – “We have to have assimilation to have a country we have to have assimilation. [I’m not the first one] to say this Dana. We’ve had many people over the years for many, many years saying the same thing, this is a country” where we speak English not Spanish.- Don’t serve Obama.


Trump – “(MC)..remember the firefighter with his arms around it, he sent a clear signal that the United States would be strong and fight Islamic terrorism and he did keep us safe. (Trump) I don’t know, do [you feel safe] right now? I don’t feel so safe.” – They’re sleepy.


Trump – “The hedgefund guys won’t like me as much as they like me right now, I know ’em all [but the]y’ll pay more. I know people that are making a tremendous amount of money and paying virtually no tax and I think it’s unfair.” – Wake up.


Marco Rubio


Rubio – “..[and they’re about] to raise the debt limit again.” – I’ll burn it.