Remote Viewing

Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means, in particular, extra-sensory perception (ESP) or sensing with mind. Remote Viewers use a specific set of protocols to describe their target. Typically a remote viewer is expected to give information about an object that is hidden from physical view and separated at some distance.

In this page we present reversals found on various case studies of remote viewers attempting to describe their targets.

To find out more about Remote Viewing download a historic TV broadcast which aired on Nightline in 1995, when the government’s Remote Viewing program went public. Click here to download .avi file (file is 350 megs). Two clear reversals were found in this broadcast. One is listed below and the other is in the metaphor section at the end of this page.

"The inside of [the location], the exterior of the location,  the uniforms and the kinds of people that were holding them." In the shackle – maybe they were shackled or it is a metaphor for being controlled.

First Target – Manzanar Relocation Center

This first target was a Japanese internment center during world war two.  The viewer was given a set of coordinates to view by a person who was not present at the session. The viewer had no knowledge of the nature or type of target. He speaks his impressions out loud while he simultaneously draws what he is seeing. More information about the target can be found here The remote viewer’s sketches made during the session can be seen by clicking here.

Reverse dialogue is shown in orange. Click on the reversals to download the mp3 files. The exact forward words where the reversal occurred are marked with brackets – [ ].

"[I feel like there’s a] balcony here. It’s got a metal railing." Was there guilt? – the reversal gives the first hint at the true nature of the target. There was guilt involved, at least according to the US – the guilt of the Japanese, or maybe the guilt of the US in locking up Japanese for 5-6 years.

"[A lot of people sitting] around." This sweep now – another clue about the target – the Japanese were swept up into internment camps, or a sweep. He correctly "sees" a lot of people in his forward speech.

Second Target – Very Large Array

As with the first target, all the viewer was given were a set of coordinates. He had no other knowledge of the target. More information about the target can be found at this url – – The remote viewer’s sketches made during the session can be seen by clicking here.

"…pyramidy [shaped], triangular thing…" Dish – the viewer correctly describes the top of the dishes in the large array but later misinterprets what he has RVed and goes on to wonder if they are mountain peaks. His speech reversal is spot on accurate and correctly tells us what the target is.

"…pyramid type shape is really coming through, some[thing in it]…" Learning it – although this person was an experienced remote viewer, his reversals show he is still learning the skill and art of Remote Viewing. As you would expect in any craft, we are always learning and improving.

"…[got that peak again], kind of reminds me of a mountain with clouds round it…" Make it better – in this reversal, his unconscious mind is saying to make his picture better than what it is.

"…mumbles…" Ralph’s sermon – the viewer’s name was Ralph. Here, his reversal uses a metaphor of "sermon" to indicate he is using his own ideas or he is editorializing.

"I just said I’m going to look over here and see what I get." Buckled mess – meaning unknown – more information about the target? Where any dishes damaged recently?

Third Target – Portland Pirate Festival

In this third target, there were two people involved in the session. The first person, Ralph, acted as a monitor. He knew what the target was and gave the viewer a set of coordinates. The viewer, Viewer 1, had no knowledge of the target and spoke her impressions while she drew pictures. More information about the target can be seen here –

Ralph: "Who put coffee [on? Who did that]? That figures. The noise in the background you hear is a coffee pot." I didn’t know it – this reversal occurs before the session begins and appears to be congruent with Ralph’s comment about the coffee pot. He didn’t know who put the coffee on.

Viewer One: "Seems to be filled with excitement [in the air]." Pray in it – (with a soft "t") – she seems to access her higher self as she begins to get impressions.

Viewer One: "So [to me the legs] are looking, it seems to be the focus, there’s just like, ticking things along, the ground." Skill within – she accesses her inner skill at Remote Viewing.

Ralph: "[All right], mumbles, write that down." Was an error – as the viewer makes a mistake in what she is "seeing", the monitor knows she has made a mistake and communicates this with a speech reversal.

Viewer One: "I’m yeah, [all right, mumbles]." I have a forced error – here we see direct reversed communication between the viewer and the monitor. She unconsciously hears the monitor’s previous reversal informing her that an error has been made, and she responds to this.

Ralph: "[All right so go right there] and just let them come in. Right where you were. Next image. Whatever comes in you just start telling me." Gray power forced error – the reversed communication continues as the monitor gives more information to the viewer about what is causing the error. He uses a metaphor – "gray power." This unconscious reinforcement will be processed by the viewer’s mind.

Fourth Target – Oregon City Bridge

This fourth target also had two people involved in the session – Ralph the monitor who knew what the target was, and Viewer Two, the viewer who did not know what the target was. More information about the target can be seen here –

Viewer two: "Not hot, [not cold]." Walked on – the reversal gives more information about the target – it was also a pedestrian bridge.

Ralph: "…[mumbles]…" They built it – (very faint) – the monitor unconsciously cues the viewer with more information about the target – it is man made.

Viewer two: "Element [fuzzy] green." He’s off – (the reversal could also say "ease off" – the h is very soft) – his unconscious is telling him, in the third person, that he is inaccurate with his perceptions

Ralph: "…[mumbles]…" I just need more – the monitor unconsciously prompts the viewer for more information.

Target Five – Photograph of US Civil War photographer Mathew Brady

This is a rather stunning example of remote viewing performed by remote viewer, Glenn Wheaton. The picture on the left shows the target and the picture on the right shows the diagram that the viewer drew. As with the previous examples the viewer had no prior knowledge of the target and was only given a set of coordinates. Here is a video of Glenn drawing his picture – click here.

"[I don’t mean this to look] much like an afro or something." They’ll turn him on – internal dialogue maybe indicating, with metaphor, that parts of him are "switched" on.

"And he was well dressed so would that make you a Yank[ee or a reb], I don’t know." Why worry – probably internal dialogue telling him to relax and go with the flow of the session.

"Terms like war wagon come to mind. Doesn’t mean like a reinforced wagon used to carry [canon balls or something] but that this wagon was taken to war." Your muscles all black, they’re all black – meaning of reversal is unknown

"…where after the action somebody had to come back and find the remnants of the wagon and recover the information that wa[s kept in a secret] compartment or it wouldn’t have survived." You’re kissing (or kiss in) the facts – reversal is internal dialogue, using a metaphor, telling him he’s on track with his observations

Target Six – Secret Advanced US Space Program

This sixth target is different in nature from the previous five in as much as there was little or no knowledge of the nature of the target beforehand by the viewer or tasker. It was remote viewed by Hawaii viewer Dick Allgire.

"What is has to do with [is energy] and I don’t know where that energy source is. I don’t get a sense that in this building…" He’s your Nazi – an interesting and revealing reversal given the fact that the US brought over many Nazi scientists to seed the US Space program.

"And they’re just fascin[ated by this], this is the most interesting thing. This is the culmination…" See love within – a congruent reversal

Reverse Speech Metaphors

Here are some metaphors found on various remote viewing sessions and discussions on how remote viewing works. They give us some indication of what is happening in the unconscious mind while the viewer is attempting to describe their target. Note the spiritual theme of the metaphors found so far. With a knowledge of what is happening in the unconscious of the viewer it is possible to enhance and improve their skills using hypnosis and Reverse Speech Metaphor Restructuring. For more information on Metaphor Restructuring click here.

Nightline program: "There were two or three others who were held away from the embassy and no-one seem[ed to know exactly where that was] and we were instrumental in helping to identify that location." Soul weather, who has warning – metaphor – gives us some clues as to the processes used in RV – in this case soul weather, or the energy of the soul.

Session: "Something similar to a music synthesizer and i don’t really [know what that] is." Have the one – just before the session begins she accesses her higher self, the part that can "see" and has knowledge

Session: "Like an a[fro or some]thing." Watch your wolf – he accesses his inner strength and motivation which increases his chances of being successful in his task.

Session: "Throwing out that intangible [or something i can] go on." We gathered my soul – she draws on the essence of her soul to assist in the viewing.

Lecture: "So instead of it going straight up 90 degrees its now 45 degrees at, [in this case cos its a monopole], in all directions." I promise this is sex in it – a metaphor of passion and connection – the lecturer reassures his audience that this will be a wonderful experience..

Discussion: "50% of your awareness is in your present time [here and now] and 50% of you is going to the target." Wine merry – yet another spiritual metaphor – the soul is being fed and is happy while viewing – see footnote at end of page.

Discussion: "Our subconscious exists in a place and a realm where [all those vibrat]ing frequencies and all that resonating energy and all that resonating memory is still there resonating." New dove’s the law – a significant reversal pinpointing actual behavioral laws that are followed, once again spiritual in nature with dove representing the Holy Spirit.

Discussion: "I got this from Joe McMonagle’s book, Remote Viewing Secrets, [to open up] to the information however it might come through." Find a voice first – unsure what the voice is but may be the inner voice within.

Discussion: "Your mind always tries to make out something so no matter what, you’re going to try to make something [out of it so what] you try to do is put your perceptions on paper." Your wolf divine – an awesome reversal that yet again confirms the spiritual nature of the process.

Discussion: "That may be the key why we can get information about anything anywhere in the world at any point in time, strangely enough." I’m feeling that whirlwind – he is connected to the energy of the cosmos.

Discussion (responding to question of what he actually does while he remote views): "It’d be difficult [to definitively s]ay because its uh, nobody knows." Feel this method – most likely referring to the protocols and procedures used to remote view.

Discussion: "I think if you could disassociate [from your] primary awareness and kind of like allow yourself on that other side like that." Growing love – accessing the universal energy of the cosmos – that of love.

Discussion: "The batch processing, portions of the [near past] are perceived present, so we’re all in the past to begin with." High brain – shows us the part of the psyche used in remote viewing – the higher mind.

Discussion: "His name was Richard Arlan, a really good psychic, really very intelligent person [and he used to have a] show in Las Vegas." Love, I’ve seen it

Extracts from Reverse Speech Metaphor Dictionary

DOVE (Structural) peace; the Holy Spirit.

LAW (Structural) the laws of conduct; moral code; the programs of behaviour; a predetermined behavioural action or pattern.

SEX (Multi) what makes it all work; any form of high energy that can be inspiring and invigorating.

SOUL (Structural) see Ark; Soul Wind; the soul; the life force; that which survives death; Self.

THE ONE (Structural) see I am; a reference to an aspect of one’s higher self; part of self with knowledge

WHIRLWIND (Structural) see Whirl, Wind, Sex, Money; energy system; life force; power; empathy; activity; base central metaphor; energy, life force, empathy, intuition; two forms of Whirlwind appear in reverse: (1) a whirlwind, whirlwind – refers  to personal operating system; (2) THE whirlwind – a universal "cosmic" energy; whirlwind  is also energy that radiates out from the body to interact with The whirlwind of the cosmos; God’s light travels the whirlwinds.

WINE (Structural) the essence of the spirit; wine is to the spirit what blood is to the body; the spiritual nature; nourishes the spirit; refreshing; the food for metaphors..

WOLF (Structural) prime central metaphor; see Shewolf, Werewolf; the part of personality that is the hunter & protector of the Psyche; prime motivator behind behaviour; the state of the Wolf metaphor directly influences success and control of life; ones ability to be self motivated and firm.

Glenn Wheaton Lecture

Here are three reversals found on a lecture given by Glenn Wheaton of the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild, discussing various aspects of Remote Viewing. The entire lecture can be downloaded by clicking here. The reversals in this lecture are not as precise as some of the previous reversals on this page and this is because lectures and speeches are not the ideal place to find good quality reversals. The best and most frequent reversals can be found in casual, relaxed conversation with two or more people in high rapport.

"(Talking about barriers that contain our consciousness – plasma): "…so that’s our protection from the hive mind [but some things] do escape out into the greater consciousness field." It must help – congruent reversal that confirms previous statement about plasma.

"Whatever the medium of your individual consciousness is, and we [know its going to be mic]ro electric fields, its encapsulated by a plasma you create and maintain." Come, he licks The One – an awesome reversal! Speaking in the third person, Glenn’s spirit talks to those listening, inviting them to come and join him because he is connecting to (or licking) his higher self, the part that has knowledge.

"I guarantee you as your targeteer, I will utilize [you and your] ability to get to target." Brain knowing – adds extra information to the precise forward dialogue. The ability he is seeking is to access the "knowing" in the brain.

A Cute Ending

Finally, here is a cute little reversal found right at the end of an RV session.

"[Where’s my feedback]?" Happy hunter – this woman obviously enjoyed the session and loves "hunting" for targets.


What these preliminary findings with Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech show are….

1/ That information about the target can be revealed in Reverse Speech even though there is no conscious knowledge of the nature of the target.

2/ That unconscious communication between the monitor and the viewer can occur in Reverse Speech.

3/ That the monitor can give information about the target to the viewer in their Reverse Speech.

4/ That reversals can give an indication whether the viewer is accurate or not in their observations.

5/ That unconscious structures in use during viewing seem to be spiritual in nature.

Remote Viewing Metawalk

A Metawalk has been created, based on Reverse Speech metaphors found in Remote Viewing sessions, that will assist the Remote Viewer with their skills. Click here to purchase this CD.


The "wine merry" reversal may not be a metaphor at all but an actual fact. This reversal belongs to Dick Algiers from the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild. He tells me that the information he gave me in our recording was discussed at a Guild meeting where they consumed quantities of wine and had a merry old time! Dick sent me this picture showing Glenn Wheaton touching a wine glass as he made a point.