Project for Aussie TV Appearance

Reverse Speech is to appear on Australian television very shortly (March 00). David Oates is analyzing Aussie media tapes right now for some decent sound bites. He is posting them on this page as he goes. Please check back regularly and email him if you have any comments at:




Shane Warne – “” – Noisy / Boy, I’m a fast dog to deal with Shane Warne, Cricketer who broke the wicket taking record.


Shane Warne – “” – The wine was helpful.


Shane Warne – “” – My wolf lives. / Bob needed some sex. / And I’m the bowl. We look mad. ("Wolf" – metaphoric, motivation, strength)


Shane Warne – “” – The ass is still.


Shane Warne – “” – But I happened.


Shane Warne – “” – Yes. Noisy, the bugger. / Laugh. My wolf’s (old?) acid.


Shane Warne – “” – They look for my gold. / Damn your soul. Make a sack.


Shane Warne – “” – They’re flying them. / The mission in the Aussie.


Shane Warne – “” – Now surf the devil.


Shane Warne – “” – The money.


Malcolm Blight – “” – You lose your shepherd. / The shock. Malcolm Blight, former coach of the Adelaide Crows. This is his resignation announcement.


Malcolm Blight – “” – Hey, the summer forgive it.


Malcolm Blight – “” – Sick aunt said the same.


Malcolm Blight – “” – Make it such an effort. / That idiot. / You’re fed up. / I am not well on with earth.


Mark Williams – “” – I agree (gibb), we’ll all throw down in little force. Power Coach after 1st loss.


Mark Williams – “” – This lying outfit fell.


Mark Williams – “” – It was nasty and that’s how the Lord would act.


Mark Williams – “” – I sue him. Its their money.


Mark Williams – “” – Mad to know, little ???? will fuck it up.


Gary Ayers – “” – Heard the doubt, Aussie. (Coach of Adelaide Crows)


Gary Ayers – “” – You lost it. / Helps the lesson. / Helps the lesson. This is not the gallery.


Gary Ayers – “” – You’ll feel the soul.


Gary Ayers – “” – Sucking mud.


Gary Ayers – “” – You’ll see this a lot. (predicting further losses?)


Gary Ayers – “” – I’m scared. Are we really lousy.




Pariamentary debate. The Speaker of the House calling to order. he sounds authoritative forwards but in reverse he shows insecurity. Played forwards, then section of forwards. Reverse: You do believe me (gibberish) Save me. Force me. The entire track is then played backwards. What else do you hear?


Parliamentary debate. Simon Creen starting a debate. Starts confident. Reversal confirms this. Start off to sock ’em. Next reversal confronts as well. Get off the money. (gibberish) Walk, you idiot.


Peter Costello – “” – Bill, you idiot. / Night of shopping. We bought them. / Bill is an idiot.


Parliamentary debate – “” – Hurt? or Heard the bigots that sends(?) them mad.


Parliamentary debate – “” – We seize you with our sores, the shadow. / The dills, they must admits. Gets this lesson. Look.


Parliamentary debate – “” – You seem usual in a shit. (The Speaker bored?)


Parliamentary debate – “” – Must admit. An Aussie’s the hell. Please submit.


The treasurer, Peter Costello. Some amazing seemingly unrelated reversals – “” – Then she’ll obey. Lock the missiles. / She’ll obey. South east (agents/asians). / Met with them. / They ponder system. Now want a room with their south threat.


TV Dramas


From the series "Pop Stars" where 1000’s of young women were interviewed for a final selection process to become an Australian pop star. This reversal is from the commentator. – “” – Here’s the lie with the sulk.


From "Pop Stars" – one of the hopefuls. – “” – Silly bugger. / Silly lust. Get some.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – Please ponder ??? The last city.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – Make a mirror with ’em. May walk with it. Sit down.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – Who’s nice. Try real nice.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – Don’t shit with me, Barry.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – Sex is the way. Hear the wit.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – In this silly old war.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – Cut a deal with lassie.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – You’re not enough.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – Will I, I see the money.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – You won. You won it.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – Feel her wish.


From "Pop Stars" – “” – You’ll sing. / We can’t talk.


From the mystery series, "The Mole", where contestants have to pass a series of tests. One of the contestants is a mole or plant, and they have to guess who that is too. Here is one of the contestants talking. Her reversal says: – “” – Save me. Sit soul. We run? Is she the mole?


"The Mole" – reversal on commentator – “” – The dark symbol. Send the ships to see them.


From "The Mole." Contestant – “” – Yes, mucking it made my surfing.


From "The Mole." Contestant – “” – I wish to fade their money.


From "The Mole." Two contestants – “” – Make use of our sums.They fear enemies, so guard evil.


From "The Mole." Contestant – “” – Might sit down, you’ll find it will swell all up.


From "The Mole." Contestants – “” – Now sucking fate. (gibberish) Yes, you’re sucking fate.


From "The Mole." Contestant – “” – Get my shows. There’s wet. I’m her slut.


From "The Mole." Contestant – “” – The North. / Watch this.


From "The Mole." Contestant – “” – Hear me. / Hold your balls. Let, let me out.