Princess Diana Talking About Failed Marriage

Princess Diana


“Maybe I was first person ever to be in his family who ever had a depression who was openly tearful and obviously that was daunting because [if you’ve never seen it] before how do you support it.” – And he’s so angry – presumably talking about Charles


“[I’ve always been the 18] year old girl.” – And its over – her marriage is over


“But [that headline went all around] the world.” – I wrote them the odd letter – maybe the letter where she claimed Charles was going to kill her in a car accident


“Rampart bulimia, [if you can have rampart] bulimia.” – Nirvana behind me – she has left her fairy princess lifestyle


“I was at the end of my tether, I was [desperate, I think I was so fed up] with being seen as someone who was a basket case.” – Our love is over, so upset – her and Charles


“And Dianna is mentally unbalanced [and unfortunately that seems] to have stuck on and off over the years.” – Suicide your chauffeur – an eerie reversal considering her chauffeur died in the car accident that killed Di.


“The fact that I have found my role and I’m very [conscious of it].” – There was a shock


“But then [here was a sit]uation that had never happened before in history.” – This is the way


The Queen on Diana’s Death


“This week at Balmoral, we have all been trying to help William and Harry come to terms with the devastating loss that they and [the rest of us have suffered].” – The fuss will serve us – The Queen believes they will benefit from this situation


“I for [one believe there are lessons] to be drawn from her life and from the extraordinary and moving reaction to her death.” – Sell her, feel it now – internal dialogue telling her to feel her emotions


“We have all been trying in our different ways to cope. It is not easy to express the sense of loss, [since the init]ial shock is over often succeeded by a mixture of other feelings.” – She needs this – a cold statement – Di needs death