Press Conference with Bush and Blair – July 28, 2006

Here are the clearest speech reversals we found on the Bush/Blair press conference of July 28th 2006 when they were discussing the situation in Lebanon. Overall the leaders recognise the seriousness of the situation but also have hope for the future. They do, however, appear to have a specific agenda of their own that they want followed and are putting their own spin on things. There is a puzzling reference to Nazis and also something in Memphis. We see no references to a nuclear strike, as one non accredited Reverse Speech website has claimed, but we do see desires to break the back of Hezbollah.

Thanks to the 2006 Gold Coast training class for their assistance in this analysis.
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Bush: “We recognise that many Lebanese people have lost their homes.” Her soul will beat (The Soul of Lebanon will beat in the future – an expression of hope)

Bush: “The Prime Minister and I each met with Prime Minister Barak this week.” You’ll see cowards (Unsure – maybe a reference to Hezbollah?)

Blair: “We will have an opportunity to discuss other issues later, notably obviously the world trade talks and other such things.” Their flow with this  (Congruent reversal, agreement between leaders)

Bush: “We got a plan to deal with this immediate crisis, that’s one of the reasons the Prime Minister came.” Lead him, this is the way (Taking a firm position – Bush will make sure his plan is the one that is taken.)

Bush: “The root cause of the problem is you’ve got Hezbollah that is armed and willing to fire rockets into Israel. Hezbollah by the way I firmly believe is backed by Iran and encouraged by Iran.” Now we are jerkin’ it (Appears to be communicating false information – placing blame on Iran.) Ed’s note: We can also hear this reversal as “Now we are jerk in it” in which case it changes the meaning somewhat to “we are being jerks” – you decide.

Bush: “We made it clear that we care about wanton destruction.” I break you (Bush is being firm and will break anyone who causes wanton destruction – namely Hezbollah.)

Blair: “It doesn’t alter the underlying reality unless we’ve got a framework that allows us to put the government of Lebanon back in charge…” That’s why I love it (Blair is congruent – he loves his framework.)

Blair: “Now that will be important also in making it very clear to Hezbollah and those who back Hezbollah that they have to allow the stabilization forces to enter.” But now its off (Unsure – he may doubt his own hopes.)

Bush; “My message is give up your nuclear weapons and your nuclear weapons ambitions. That’s my message to Syria, I mean Iran.” Begin republic (His political aspirations for the region?)

Bush: “Hezbollah’s become violent because we’re promoting democracy? They have been violent for a long period of time.” You succumb (He wants Hezbollah to succumb.)

Bush: “What the world is seeing is a desire by this country and our allies to defeat the ideology of hate with an ideology that has worked.” Goals they had (Congruent reversal. He states the goals of the world.)

Blair: “This global movement with a global ideology was already in being. September the 11th was the culmination of what they wanted to do.” They share the markets / They live in Memphis (A strange reversal seemingly out of context – have no idea what it might mean.)

Blair: “As they saw there was a problem in Gaza, so they realised there’s a possibility now we can set Lebanon against Israel.” They’re rigorous (Congruent reversal. They are rigorously pursuing their goals.)

Blair: “Its wrong in its ideas, its wrong in its ideology, its wrong in every single wretched reactionary thing about it and it will be a long struggle I’m afraid, but there’s no alternative but to stay the course.” That’s my label (Blair is putting his own spin on things.)

Blair: “….the international community has bound itself to. And Hezbollah have got to appreciate that if they stand out against that then, its not really that they will be doing a huge disservice to the people of Lebanon, but they will also again face the fact that action will have to be taken against them. “ It forced the Nazi (Unsure what this reversal means.)

Blair: “And if we can get the UN resolution agreed next week and acted upon, then it can happen.” The panic in it (There is a panic to get the resolution passed.)