Press Conference with British PM Gordon Brown July 2009

27 July 2009


Overall Conclusion

Put simply, Gordon Brown’s speech reversals are devastating. They are highly incongruent and show a man who is knowingly leading Britain down a path of destruction. When talking about swine flu he says in reverse, scared we scam ’em. When talking about putting money in people’s pockets he says backwards, we damn you, and when talking about a rise a repossessions he says we shattered you. These reversals are all coming from the conscious mind which indicates he is very much aware of the damage he is causing. On the unconscious level he is in sabotage mode and his reversal, your lips will fuck the wolf, indicate that something he will say in the near future will be his undoing. Listen to his speech reversals and see for yourself!

Click on the reversal to download the mp3 file. The precise forward dialogue where the reversal occurred has been marked with brackets – [ ].

"(talking about swine flu and inoculations) …detailed advice to individual patients that is going out [in the next few days]." Scared we scam ’em (may also be scared we scaN ’em)

"We’re enabling [over 170,000] companies in every region of the country to survive a cash flow problem, flow problems." Lesson(s?) in the horrible

"..prepare for the major meeting of the G20 in September in America that we will [all remain] totally focused on the task of how we secure higher growth in future in the world economy." Near the wall

"And we have a bold low carbon action plan that will transform our economy and in the last [few days alone we’ve taken significant] steps to making Britain a world leader for the production of low emissions vehicles for the future with major announcements that Toyota, which will protect around 400 jobs." Defend this and get you all the sad grief

"We made a deliberate decision [to bring forward public] spending and to change the profile of public spending." You got the wolf livid Metaphor: see dictionary definition below. Possible translation is "Your actions created anger inside and severely affected your ability to experience success."

"And we’ve announced a major program of asset sales and we were [I think the first country in the world] to publish a debt reduction plan to show that we were taking action to cut our deficit by half." Whirl, when we’ve mucked surf a bit Metaphor: see dictionary definition below. Possible translation is: "We have damaged the smooth flowing activity of energy."

"Our debt in most of the years ahead will be less that the debt of America, less than the debt of Germany, [less than the debt of] France and indeed our debt will lower than many of our other countries." You’re having to sell ‘im

"Helicopters would not have made a differen[ce to the loss of] lives that have taken place in the last few days." The soul of this curse

"But an election at the end of the day is about choices and there will be choices that people will have to [make about the future] of our country when it comes to a general election." There’s grief above again

"Now I think the last few weeks have demonstrated what I have been saying all year that this government [will be tested] by events but we will stick by our course." The set evil

"…the answer from the British public when you look at specific services on which people depend is that they would be prepared to [see these services] protected and maintained.’ This advice, I see this

"And of course we are putting money in people’s pockets now by the cut [we made in] VAT and raising personal tax allowances." We damn you

"So we move [forward capital spending] from future years into the years of the recession." Your lips will fuck the wolf Metaphor: see dictionary definition below. Possible translation is "The words you say will damage your ability to be successful."

"The rise in repossessions, there will be a rise in [repossessions] but it is nothing like the levels of what we’ve seen in the past." We shattered you

Extracts from Reverse Speech Metaphor dictionary

SURF (Operational) life energy; movement; activity; the process of moving through life.

WHIRLWIND (Structural) see Whirl, Wind, Sex, Money; energy system; life force; power; empathy; activity; base central metaphor; the image of Whirlwind under trance can be used directly to control emotional states and facilitate integration; also empathy, intuition; two forms of Whirlwind appear in reverse: (1) a whirlwind, whirlwind – refers to personal operating system; (2) THE whirlwind – a universal "cosmic" energy; whirlwind is also energy that radiates out from the body to interact with The whirlwind of the cosmos.

WOLF (Structural) prime central metaphor; see Shewolf, Werewolf; the part of personality that is the hunter & protector of the Psyche; prime motivator behind behavior; the state of the Wolf metaphor directly influences success and control of life; ones ability to be self motivated and firm.