Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich

November 2011



Click on the reversal to download the mp3 file. The precise forward words that formed the reversal has been marked with brackets – [ ].

"Just look at the record. More people have gotten on food stamps under Barack Obama [than any other Pre]sident in America history." But they need it – acknowledging that people need the food stamps.

"…by some people who suggest that the working poor by definition know how to work which is true, That’s [why they’re called the wor]king poor." I will lock it up – meaning unsure – does he believe he can lock up the Republican nomination?

"We certainly fly by the seat of the pants in the sense that [when we saw that the Ame]rican ambassador to Belgium had given an anti Semitic speech attacking Israel, we immediately shifted and talked about that topic." Meet the boss you know – meaning unsure – possibly referring to the power of the Israeli lobby – is he beholden to them?.

"One of our first experiments, we had a young lady in ??? Georgia who was 8 or 9 years old and she read [83 books that summer] and got $166." Now must I scrub this idiot – incongruent cryptic reversal – roughly translated means must i make this idiot look good.

"You have virtual organizations, all these cutting edge ideas, and then you have a group of con[sultants who believe that you have to] be slow, cumbersome and expensive. Well if you were the consultants you’d feel the same too because that’s your money." They deal this loss – congruent reversal, they are costing money.

"If you read Gordon Wood’s tremendous books on the radicalism of the American revolution and the intellectual origins of the [American revolution], it’s quite clear that the Americans are all part of the wig critique of the British Monarchy." Can the children come – cryptic meaning – the children of the revolution?

"And I concluded that if [we now have Judges so ra]dical and so anti American that they believe that even the reference to one nation under God is unconstitutional, that the time has come to draw a line in the sand." I watch the Judge behind you – congruent reversal.

"We have to be prepared to make some of our friends very [uncomfortable]." I will fuck up – future tense reversals – he is going to make a mistake in the future.

"It says we hold these truths to be self evident, not situations ethics, not theoretical [philosophy. The founding fathers were] seriously, desperately trying to understand the truth of self government." It was a lovely life. Here to solve – internal reflections.

"Becomes in passing a scientist, is one, is the only American I believe, I could [be wrong, but I think he]’s the only American admitted to the Royal Academy of science. Is a world renowned scientist, discovers electricity." They give him worry – meaning unknown

"..that all men are created equal, and yes they would [all have said to you], of course it’s inadequate at the present time." We bless the Lord – sentence building reversal – the founding fathers were strong on God.

Campaign Advert

"I’m Newt Gingrich [and I’m announcing] my candidacy for President of the United States." You slime them on it – incongruent reversal – he is being insincere.

"No one person can accomplish this. [It can’t be done] from the Oval office. We have to work together. We Americans have to get it done." Now you fake it – incongruent reversal with an interesting complementarity around the precise forward words that formed the reversal.