Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney


Click on reversal to download mp3 file. The exact forward dialogue where the reversal occurred is marked with brackets – [ ].

1/ 23rd November 2011 In Iowa

"In this country we’ve come together in times of crisis and this divisiveness I think is wrong so I want, I want, by all of us coming together and building the enterprises through our savings that in my view is something that [will make a real difference] for us." Afraid we will gamble – incongruent reversal – he thinks its a gamble.

"And I took that skill from my business experience which was 25 years of work and then went to the Olympics in [Salt Lake] and they were in trouble. We were able to turn that around. Get their budget balanced." I heal losses – congruent reversal – he believes he has the ability to fix America’s losses.

"Can we make sure [that our kids have] confidence that the future is brighter than the past." I seek God – transient thought – a reflection of his Mormon faith

"This isn’t a question of which party gets its way. It’s can we fix America before we get in [severe distress]." Search the grievous – congruent reversal – look for the problems.

"You can ask me some questions that might help you make up your mind as to whether I’m the guy to support or whether there’s somebody else you think ought to be supported and I can give you some other [names of people] who aren’t on the ballot if you’d like to throw your vote for them. Just kidding. Let me turn to you and ask any question you might have." We’ll beat this man – presumably the man refers to Obama. He believes that "we" or the GOP can beat Obama. Note the next question someone asks immediately after this reversal occurred.

"The President has not been able to bring the country together and on some of the most important issues that we face in the world, [he’s simply] withdrawn." You’re pussy – a dig at Obama

2/ 13th of November 2011 on the Sean Hannity radio show

"I’m terrific Sean. Good to [be with you]." We do it – starting the interview

"And as a result Governor ???? and free enterprise decides to pull back and that’s [one reason why its been so hard] for our economy to create the jobs that people need." Draw horse lives with you now – metaphor: Draw Horse – to work hard – Romney is working hard on the campaign.

"It is simply too big. It’s spending too much and those messages which creates jobs and gets government out of out hair they tend to do pretty [well with a] number of folks. I’ve got more people to talk to." I feel well – he feels well.

"He is the President of the United States. We expect something [better than that from him]." My wolf find the love – metaphor: Wolf – motivation, strength – he is motivated to serve the country with love.

"Mike Huckabee and I were the two conservatives that really branded conservatives in the race. I have [the same positions] today I had four years ago. I’m a conservative guy." Shed the method – he is going to change his position on things.

"If we want to cut down on serious crime, you’ve got to cut down on all crime. You gotta say we’re enforcing the law and he did that [and really changed the whole] character of New York city and that what probably should have been done from the very beginning." Whore has smashed the unit – metaphor – meaning unknown.

"We talk about united we stand. I remember the feeling that swept [across the country] following 911." You fucked the target – the twin towers were destroyed.