President Obama’s Speech On Troop Withdrawl

President Barrack Obama on October 15, 2015 talking about troop withdrawal in Afghanistan.


Obama – “After our nation was attacked by Al Qaeda on 911 [America’s combat] mission in Afghanistan came to a responsible end.” – There marks the gun.


Obama – “more than 2200 American patriots [who made the ultimate] sacrifice in Afghanistan.” – Employ them.


Obama – “..and supporting counter terrorism operations against the remnants [of Al Qaeda].” – The dark lover.


Obama – “..a sustainable Afghan capacity and [self sufficien]cy and when we’ve needed additional forces to advance that goal…” – Shift the source.


Obama – “..and they are fighting for their country bravely [and tenaciously].” – So share this snare.


Obama – “..1000’s of Afghan troops and police have lost their lives as have many Af[ghan civilians].” – They love the snake.


Obama – “..pressure from Pakistan has resulted in more Al Qaeda coming into Afghanistan [and we’ve seen the] emergence of an ISIL presence.” – They miss human.


Obama – “ deal [more broadly] with terrorists threats quickly and to prevent attacks against our homeland.” – We love Rome.


Obama – “..continue to urge all parties in the region [to press the Taliban] to return to peace talks and to do their part in pursuit of the peace…” – Now they lost it, suffered.