President Obama Speaking On ISIL September 2014

President Obama Speaking On ISIL

Here are a some recent Reversals on President Barrack Obama speaking about ISIL and his strategy to fight them. The speeches these Reversals come from were download from the website.



Obama – “First, we will conduct [a systematic] campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists.” – And I am a sissy.


Obama – “..earlier today I spoke to the Foley’s and [told them that we are] all heartbroken at their loss.” – Are you in the lost.


Obama – “.. if that dam was reached, it could have proven catastrophic [with floods that would have] threatened the lives of thousands of civilians and our endanger embassy compound.” – But it was doubtful.


Obama – “Going [forward, the United] States will work with the Iraqi government as well as partners like the United Kingdom…” – Did I need the wolf?


Obama – “..this counter terrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort [to take out] ISIL wherever they exist using our air power.” – I guessed it.


Obama – “..and providing humanitarian support as we did [on Mt. Sinja]. My administration has consulted closely with Congress about our strategy…” – I miss Mama


Obama – “..they are on the ground and [along with the FBI] they are devoting substantial resources to that investigation…” – I pay them all.


Obama – “ just God would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do eve[ry single day].” – I will miss you.


Obama – “..and [each of these] four parts of our strategy, America will be joined by a broad coalition of partners.” – See the sheep.


Obama – “..when people harm Americans anywhere, we do wha[t’s necessary] to see that justice is done…” – There’s the sense.


Obama – “..the alliance will update [its defense planning]. We’ll create a new highly ready, rapid response force that can be deployed on a very short notice.” – Announce methods.


Obama – “ initially push them back, [you systematic]ally ah degrade their capabilities, you narrow their scope of action…” – But I am a sissy.


Obama – “..and Russia must stop its violations of Ukraine’s [sovereignty] and territorial integrity.” – Here’s the loss.


Obama – “..ah, fanaticism that ISIL represents so that they start taking the fight to [ISIL as well and that’s going to re]quire the sort of regional partnerships that we are talking about.” – I would extend it, ISIL was sad.


Obama – “..all twenty-eight NATO nations have pledged to increase their investments in defense and to move toward [investing 2%] of their GDP in our collective security.” – NASA pushed your Sun.


Obama – “..and so, ah, variety of folks, with different [capabilities], ah, have already made a contribution.” – See lord with dick.


Obama – “Yes, ISIL has [significant capabilities] and they combine terrorists tactics with traditional ah, military tactics ah, to significant effect.” – See lord with dick, defend this.


Obama – “Keep in mind, we have taken, already a hundred strikes in Iraq that have had a significant impact on degrading [their capabilities] and making sure that we are protecting US citizens, critical infrastructure…” – See lord with dickhead.


Obama – “..and we are prepared to transition to a new mission, focused on training, advising and assisting Afghan security forces. Both presidential candidates have pledged to sign the bilateral security agreement [that would be the foundation] of our continued cooperation. ” – The shared knife of evil with them.


Obama – “..for humanitarian assistance much of it has been providing additional arms ah, to the ah, Peshmerga [and the Iraqi sec]urity forces there has been logistical support, intelligence..” – You see power in there.


Obama – “When we helped prevent the mas[sacre of civilians] trapped on a distant mountain…” – We lead the circus.


Obama – “..Italy and Australia, [to get food] and water to people in need…” – Wolf faggot.


Obama – “..if you look at President Poroshenko’s plan, it is going to take some time to implement, ah, and as a consequence, for us to move forward based on what is currently happening on the ground with sanctions while acknowledging that if in fact the elements of the plan that has been decided are implemented then those sanctions could be lifted.” – Have to defeat them.