President Obama Speaking On Iraq August 2014

Here are a few recent Reversals on President Barrack Obama speaking about various aspects of the new Iraqi crisis.



Obama – “..that’s what the bill I am about to sign will help us achieve, but I want, to be clear about something. This will not ??? [be the end of our effort].” – Fire on the Navy.



Obama – “Iraqi leaders need to come together and forge a new government [that represents] the legitimate interests of all Iraqis.” – Has a permit.



Obama – “[Give them people an] applause. Thank you” – I’ll get nothing.



Obama – “In recent days these terrorists have continued to move across Iraqi and [have neared the city of Urbil].” – Made us an agreement.



Obama – “..and as a country, we have a scared obligation [to serve you] as well as you served us.” – Reverse it.



Obama – “ even as we [carry out these two] missions we will continue to pursue a broader strategy that empowers Iraqis to confront this crisis.” – See fire.



Obama – “..[and Congress needs to] do more also.” – Sieze Iraq.



Obama – “Let me close by assuring you that there is no decision that I take more seriously than the use of [military force].” – So fearful.



Obama – “[I’m committed to seeing that we fulfill] that commitment because the men and women of this generation, this 911 generation of service members, are the leaders we need for our time. As community leaders and business leaders, I hope maybe some leaders in our politics as well.” – The life of human, yes America.



Obama – “..therefore authorized targeted airstrikes if necessary to help forces in Iraq as they fight to break the [siege on Mt. Sinjar] and protect the civilians trapped there.” – They are in Islam shit.