President Obama Reversals On Ebola Outbreak October 2014

President Obama speaking on the topic of the ebola outbreak October 2014.


Obama – “..[the disease had already killed the] father…” – Don’t look at our diseases.


Obama – “I just had the opportunity [to meet with doc]tors Gardland and Whibner and members of their team, the nurses who, ah, sorry doctors but haven’t been in hospitals…” – Guard the women.


Obama – “..make sure that the world under[stands the need for them], ah, to step along side us as well.” – Meddle in its nature.


Obama – “..[we know that if we] take the proper steps we can save lives.” – New fate that warn you.


Obama – “..and then, [at the White House], we’re going to bring more nations together to strengthen our global health security so that we can better prevent, detect, and respond to future outbreaks before the become epidemics.” – The hell with that.