President Barrack Obama March 2015

Barrack Obama


Obama – “[I want to thank Tiana] for the great introduction, give her a big round of applause.” – And I scared the power.


Obama – “..uh because tomorrow I will be visiting [Selma, Alabama] for the 50th cent, uh anniversary, of the march across the Edmund Pettus bridge.” – And they blame us.


Obama – I also come to this issue as the father of [two wonderful young] women.”” – I offer no wisdom.


Obama – “[It would roll back some] elements of it’s program.” – Must have all the wit.


Obama – “..young John Lewis kneeling in protest [against an all white] swimming pool and it reads, come let us build a new world together.” – Still warns nigger.


Obama – “What one of the finest gentlemen and, and finest legislators [we have in the country], ah your Congressman Jim Clyborn.” – You’re fucking the values.