Pastor Rick Scarborough July 2015

Pastor Rick Scarborough


Pastor Rick – “..[also I say, ah this country better beware, we], we’ve suffered a lot of injustices but I’m not sure God’s going to tolerate this one very long” – Beware, we branded the sinner, it’s now assault.


Pastor Rick – “..that the very created order of [male and female is irrele]vant…” – God was wrong, eat the lion.


Pastor Rick – “..that ah, participating in the sanction of same sex marriage was the full price of citizenship in the United States. So we, we that we know whats coming and ah we’re still being, being prepped and been saying, no matter what the cost, we understand, [we waive the cost], we are not going to bow we’re not going to bend, and if necessary we will burn. ” – It’s all to kill you.