Paris Hilton


She loathes the LA county jail, she doesn’t like the media invading her privacy, she regrets past love mistakes, she has a few concerns about Britney Spears and she wants her name even bigger still with those leading roles!. All this and more in the reversals found in an interview Paris Hilton gave to Larry King Live on CNN June 27th 2007, two days after she was released from jail.

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"[Ah, it’s been] pretty overwhelming, you know, I’ve been confined for three and a half weeks in a little cell." Nurse the heart (what she is doing now, looking after her heart after her experience)

"…and a little metal desk…" Was sad (speaks for itself)

"Yeah, [I think it definitely comes with the] territory (no privacy)" It was muck, you’re fighting it (She doesn’t like the invasion of privacy.)

"Everyone at the LA County, all the sheriffs were very professional. I was treated like [0any other inmate]. No better, no worse." Damn, they’re lame (A contradictory reversal)

"For inmates and my[self it was the same]. Every Saturday and Sunday for half hour you can have two visitors." Messes the force (The whole experience was unsettling for her.)

"It was a very traumatic experience but I feel like God does make everything happen for a reason and [it gave me] a time out in life just to really find out what was important." Name bigger (The reason in her mind was that it made her more well known.)

"I should never have even driven – [I’ll never make that mistake again]. I take full responsibility." And I can kiss that camera man (Her mind seems to be on other things!)

"I’m just [going to follow all the laws]." Soul law often (She will follow her spiritual conscience also.)

"It was crazy. It [was just] pure madness. I feel really bad for my neighbours." Sit. Silly (Stop. It was crazy!)

"I see some celebrities, they throw water at the paparazzi or give them the little finger, do things like that." Fallen with the grace (does she feel as though has fallen in their eyes?)

"I think in life everyone makes mistakes and you have to learn and [grow from them and] I’ve been a little immature in the past and made some wrong choices." That man fog (She reflects on past man mistakes.)

" … (referring to the court believing she had not taken alcohol rehab but she had taken it and the court refused to heal the evidence) … Actually when we went into court they said that I hadn’t but the lady was sitting right in the court room. " So we deal with it, and I had a mess (She was in trouble but dealt with it the best she could.)

"I just felt like this was a new beginning for me, being in jail." Feel upset (speaks for itself)

"I just used it as a journey to figure out myself and who I am and I want to do and there’s just so much more to me than what people think." Shit, send the lead (She wants the lead role!)

" … (talking about Britney Spears) … I’ve seen her with her [kids, she loves her kids]. I think its hard for anyone when you’re in the spotlight so much. Its very overwhelming." Snake. Her soul is sick (Not nice thoughts about Britney.)


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