Orlando Terrorist Shooting June 12, 2016

Obama Speaks About The Orlando Terrorist Shooting

Orlando Terrorist Shooting June 12, 2016

These reversals are from President Obama’s speech to the nation about the Orlando Terrorist Shooting that occurred on June 12, 2016 at approximately 2:00 AM EST.



President Obama – “Today [marks the most] deadly shooting in American history…” – Some evil scum.


President Obama – “..let’s [say a prayer for their families. May God give] them the strength to bear the unbearable…” – Big faggot, it’s never appropriate.


President Obama – “..so this is a sobering reminder that attacks on any Americans, [regardless of race, ethnicity, religion]…” – Your villain hear the sender, sell the survivor.


President Obama – “..the shooter was apparently armed with a hand gun [and a powerful assault] rifle…” – Force it, Obama.


President Obama – “..and that he can give us all the strength [to be there for them], and the strength, and courage to change…” – I’m afraid.


President Obama – “..place where they were attacked was more than a nightclub. It was a place of solidarity, [and empowerment where people] um, come together… ” – Oh people I’m rotten.


President Obama – “..to raise awareness, to speak their minds, and to ad[vocate for] their civil rights…” – We’ll fake it.


President Obama – “..in the face of hate, and violence, we will love one another. We will [not get into fear], or turn against each other…” – Grief living now.


President Obama – “..we need to demonstrate that we are defined more as a country by the way that [they lived their lives, than by the hate] of a man who took them from us.” – Hear the governments, now were the wind.


President Obama – “..may God bless the Americans we lost this morning. [May he comfort their families. May God continue to] watch over this country that we love. Thank you.” – Release the faggot, some effort you’ll fuck him.


President Obama – “..as Americans, to [protect our people], and defend our nation, and to take action against those who terrorize.” – We’ll be protested.


President Obama – “..in a school, or [in a house of worship], or a movie theater, or in a nightclub.” – The show of Zion.