Oprah Winfrey Reversal Analysis


A Reverse Speech Reversal Analysis On Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Reversal Analysis

Oprah Gail Winfrey is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. She was born January 29th 1954 and is estimated to be worth 3.2 billion dollars. In my reversal analysis we find she has conflicting reversals that show a rather dark side to her. However, she does reveal the secrets of her success and she uses the metaphor Whirlwind frequently. She is also congruent in some areas, specifically about her belief in a Supreme Being.



Oprah – “Reading the news and my father would say, be home by 11 [and I ‘d say] the news in on at 10 and he goes and its off at 10:30 so be home by 11.” – Yes done it.


Oprah – “When I walk into a room and particularly before I have something really challenging to do where I’m going [to be in a circumstance where] I feel I’m going to be you know, up against some uh, difficulties.” – Hell’s nice impersonating.


Oprah – “And I was prepared to be able to step into [that, that, that world of talk in a way that I] I knew I could do it.” – Got a deal when it cost the whirlwind.


Oprah – “There’s something more, something more, something more that’s calling me to what is the supreme moment, and everybody has that and you cannot um, fulfill it [unless you] have a level of self-awareness, to be connected to what is the inner voice or the instinct.” – We sell not.


Oprah – “That is my religion. I know that what I’m thinking and [therefore going] to act on is going to come back to me in a circular motion.” – And I’m afraid.


Oprah – “Do not bring me a show [unless you] have fully thought out what is your intention for doing it.” – We shall not.


Oprah – “Come to me with your intention, and [whatever it is, whatever] shows you are proposing, whatever idea you are proposing and then I will decide based upon the intention.” – Your riddle see the riddle.


Oprah – “So the reason why I left my boss’s uh, office when I was asking for a raise, I knew he didn’t hear nor see me, neither, and that I [was not going to get the validation that] I needed. Now I couldn’t articulate that at the time I just knew let me get out of here.” – Let me share the love the bigger the con.


Oprah – “I was sitting in Nelson Mandela’s living room, and I’m not [just saying that to name drop].” – Old man with a message.


Oprah – “So the most important moments for me have been when literally I can see that somebody has made a shift in the way they [see themselves in the world].” – Whirlwind the force with this.


Oprah – “The way through the challenge is to get still and ask yourself what is the next right move. [Not think about] oh, I got all of this, what is the next right move.” – But I would give con.



Marketing Piece

Oprah – “Surrender, when you have done all that you can do [and there’s nothing left] for you to do, give it up, give it up to that thing that is greater than yourself and let it then become a part of the flow.” – Found the fun’s in it.


Oprah – “So it’s not everything but you really can change [your own reality] based on the way that you think.” – Hear the lie worry.


Oprah – “If the energy and the vibrational frequency is correct, is in sync with what is to come your way, that there is a space that you create that allows that to happen and nothing [more than the colour purple] explains that to me.” – I broke the lock in the dome.


Oprah – “And I’m praying and crying and as I’m on the tracks signing this song, I surrender all, I surrender all, all to thee my [blessed Saviour], I surrender all, I’m singing that song, praying and crying, a woman comes out to me and she says, on the track it’s raining, and she says there’s a phone call for you.” – Oh yes, this sell.


Oprah – “So I think if that is not a sign from Jesus himself, I don’t [I never saw a sign] bigger than that, so I audition and I audition I hear nothing. I ended up months later calling the casting agent saying I haven’t heard anything, he said you don’t call me, what are you calling me for.” – Our source will bring out my dark force.


Oprah – “People doubt that your thoughts create reality for you, it doesn’t [if you’re just sitting around thinking I] want something, it doesn’t.” – Wanna get blame in this city.


Oprah – “So when I ask what should I do, should I do this, should I do this, the bigger [question is what would you], God, the universe have me do.” – We don’t know satan shock.


Oprah – “So I go to this audition on a day in Chicago where it was [72 below zero], so cold they had ropes out to keep people from falling down. I had a cold, a sore throat, swollen, and I had a wrap on my head and it was so cold that when you walked outside, your eyelids froze.” – Worries all of this Universe.


Oprah – “There’s a phone call for you and there was, Steven Spielberg calling to tell me that, I hear you had a fat farm and, uh, he said if you lose a pound you could lose this part.” – You must knock.