Obama and Netanyahu Press Conference

July 2010

Obama: “An excellent 101 discussion with Prime Minister Netanyahu and I want to welcome him back [to the White House].” Sly hell with it – incongruent reversal

Obama: “I want to first of all thank for the wonderful [statement that he made] in honor of the fourth of July, our independence day.” Damn, needed the mess – unconscious sabotage

Obama: “It has moved more quickly and more effectively than many peop[le anticipated]. Obviously there’s still tensions and issues there that have to be resolved.” The deficit now – transient thought

Obama: “Our two countries are working cooperatively together [to deal with these issues]. The quartet has been, i think, very helpful as well.” You should see the weed with that – metaphor, weeds: to choke the life out of something

Obama: “I believe that the government of Israel is prepared to engage in such direct talks and I commend the Prime Minister for that. There’s going to [need to be a whole set of] confidence building measures to make sure that people are serious.” Goddess saw way within – metaphor – Goddess: hope for the future

Obama: “Israel has unique security requirements. Its got to be able to respond to threats or any [combination of threats] in the region. And that’s why we remain unwavering in our commitment to Israel’s secuity.” Stealth won’t share the muck – unknown

Netanyahu: “The greatest new threat on the horizon [and the single most] dominant issue for many of us is the prospect that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons.” Some will listen – self explanatory

Netanyahu: “As the President said we discussed a great deal about activating, moving forward. The quest for peace between Israel [and the Palestinian]s. We’re committed to that peace. I’m committed to that peace.” And this will happen – he believes peace can come

Netanyahu: “But they wanted to make sure that after all the steps they take that what we get is a secure peace. We don’t want a [repeat of the situ]ation where we vacate territories and those are overtaken by Iran’s proxies.” This will relieve you – self explanatory

Obama: “When President Abbas was here I [discussed some of those] same issues with him. I think its very important that the Palestinians not look for excuses for incitement.” Soon I must have sex – watch out Michelle!

Obama: “Then Palestinians can see in very concrete terms what peace can bring, that rhetoric and violence cannot bring and that is people actually having the opportunity of raising their children and making a living.” Your panic – incongruent reversal

Obama: “He and I are having robust discussions about what kind of choices need to [be made but the underlying] approach never changes and that is the United States is committed to Israel’s security.” Now a neighbor, damn him – incongruent reversal