O.J Simpson Reversals

The following reversals on OJ were found on the police investigation tapes that were aired publicly by Hard Copy both forwards and backwards. This interview with OJ took place 24 hours after the murders took place. The audio quality is not the best so you will have to listen carefully.  Note the reversals that contain a direct confession to the crime.



[Play Stream][Download File] Here is the original police interview with OJ Simpson in its entirety.

[Play Stream][Download File] This reversal says: "I killed them. My worst night."

[Play Stream][Download File] This reversal says: "See, my race is up" and "I’ll kill again." 

[Play Stream][Download File] This reversal says: "I killed ’em high. Bored with you."

[Play Stream][Download File] This reversal says: "Killed them walking. The foul dickhead’s involved.

[Play Stream][Download File] This reversal is taken from the 5 o’clock news 11/26/96 on the Dismissal of O.J. Simpson Juror Ann-Marie Jameson. She was talking about how unfair it was that she was dismissed from the jury. Forwards she says, "Baliffs and several jurors were around and it was….", the reversal says: "They deny real Jurors. Will rest in disbelief." 

Here is an extract from his jury trial. 

[Play Stream][Download File] Judge Ito: "Mr. Simpson, do you understand that we will be continuing the date that we previously selected to start jury selection from September the 19th to September the 26th? Do you understand that involves extending [your right to a speedy] trial by seven days?" REVERSE: Simpson killed them

Simpson: "Yes [I do your honor]." REVERSE: I did it

Judge Ito: "[Right. Is that arrangement agreeable to you, Sir]?" REVERSE: Does he believe? He killed lady love. 

The following transcript contains various extracts from O.J. Simpson’s interview with BET television, recorded a week after he was acquitted in the criminal case. See if you can hear the reversal imbedded into the gibberish and note how clear they are amongst the other sounds. Also note the same theme as in the police interview of confessions in reverse to the crime. He was subsequently found liable in the civil case and substantial damages were awarded against him.

[Play Stream][Download File] "I’m as innocent as anyone else out there. [I think, er one] of the great things about this country is our right to speak." REVERSE: I give that rave 

This next reversal is one of many that show thoughts and actual conversations that O.J. had with Nicole prior to the killing. This frequently occurs in Reverse Speech as the unconscious mind loops around memories and past events. 

[Play Stream][Download File] "Hey, go on, [you know, they say, "congratulations"] which is a [tough thing to accept]." REVERSE: I skinned. Get fucked / I will kiss you that way.

[Play Stream][Download File] "You look at me arriving at my home. The vast majority, I’m telling you 95% of the people were clapping and [giving me a thumbs up sign]." REVERSE: Ass was my fame 

[Play Stream][Download File] "Well, they didn’t tell me that, but I’m sure there are people that [feel that way]." REVERSE: Killed the wife

[Play Stream][Download File] "The worst thing that you can have that you can ever have, is have your argument taped. I would say anyone that’s out there that’s married and in a relationship [just turn a tape recorder on the next time] you have an argument and play it back, you will not believe that was you." REVERSE: I skinned them all.  – this reversal has 2 possible meanings, a/ skinned is slang for I conned or fooled them; b/ it could also refer to the violent nature of the crime where the victims were slashed to pieces.

Note the incredible irony of the forward dialogue. Just turn a tape recorder on next time because all of our secrets are imbedded backwards into speech. 

[Play Stream][Download File] "They gave me, I guess a fine or penalty. They gave me, I had to do community service. I did it all." REVERSE: Bigot. You will not run out *** This reversal also repeats old conversations. Listen for the extra reversal in the gibberish. "Subversing your name."

[Play Stream][Download File] "After the ’89 incident I think its pretty clear, and everything [that Nicole may have stated] in our divorce decree which she might have stated even during an argument we had in 1993 that O.J. [has never touched] me since that time." REVERSE: Its them. Slaughtered them / Slashed the buns. Listen for the extra reversals. "You can solve it. Darn it." Also "They adored it" following "Slashed the buns."

[Play Stream][Download File] "When she had some very emotional issues with the men that she was involved with she came to me. I don’t think a woman would do that if she felt this person [insensitive or abusive and certainly not] jealous or possessive." REVERSE: Damn your lust. Never see lovers. Forwards, O.J. says what he wants us to believe he said to her. Backwards, he tells us what he really said to her. 

[Play Stream][Download File] "One, because at one point I couldn’t speak, [wanted to speak on NBC and that] is the only aborted interview." REVERSE : Damn it. You see men. I give snow Still repeating old conversation. "Snow" is a street name for cocaine. 

[Play Stream][Download File] "I’ve been a good American. I’m just as innocent as any of them. I should have the right to support my family and earn a living [and they’ve been blocking me or attempting to block] in every other avenue." REVERSE: He cowled when you missed your aim. He cowled my bayonet. Forwards, O.J. talks about people blocking him. This accesses memories of another time when he was blocked. In this case, it refers to Ron Goldman attempting to block his knife swings. "Cowl" is a common Reverse Speech metaphor meaning to block or avoid. 

[Play Stream][Download File] "That was my first attempt, NBC and I would have spoken on NBC but I had for the first time … new lawyers, Bob Baker and [Phil Baker, they felt] that they would prefer to have time with me." REVERSE: I fear the dead wife. This is the real reason why he didn’t go on NBC. Other reversals show that Nicole is haunting his unconscious mind. 

[Play Stream][Download File] "I hope that I get a chance to sit down with you [after the video is out] and then we’ll talk about that party, that alleged party. [When you’ve seen the video] I’ll come back on your show and we’ll talk about that alleged party." REVERSE: Still I live with the fact / I live with this in you Reversals show that the crime scene is constantly looping in O.J.’s mind. 

[Play Stream][Download File] "I had two police officers outside my house tell me I got [screwed. So it’s] not everyone at LAPD." REVERSAL: City was screwed

[Play Stream][Download File] "Physically I wasn’t able to play the third day. I had to quit and watch them [play golf. That’s the only time I played golf]. I enjoyed it." REVERSE : Our guilt. I’ll make the noise sit. Our guilt

[Play Stream][Download File] "I have another [law suit. I spent a] career and I like to think a career that I was gracious to people." REVERSE: The lips sound this soul.  

[Play Stream][Download File] "I can’t take that as overall white [Americans. Maybe there’s a lot] of them out there that do." REVERSE: Al was against the crime. Was Al Cowlings an unwilling accomplice?   

Here are a series of reversals found on OJ’s recent outburst on TV (June 2000), with Nicole’s sister, Denise. Notice the reversed dialogue between them – of a sexual nature??

LINK – OJ/Commentary: You’re not stupid. Good TV
Denise: In the bedroom
OJ: Bugger mouth
Denise: Sexy woggy


Found by Karen Camus – OJ is angry towards the host of the show. A congruent reversal. Now annoys me, a rude person