Newt Gingrich Reversals May 2016

Newt Gingrich, American Politician and Political Consultant

Newt Gingrich Reversals May 2016

Newt Gingrich is an American politician and political consultant who served as the 50th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999. In 2012, Newt ran as a presidential candidate in the election on the Republican ticket. These are recent reversals from the month of May, 2016 from Newt talking about the candidates Trump, Clinton, and the presidential election for 2016.


Newt – “I mean some, somebody once said to me, somebody said to me many, many years ago, that the, the Michigan Education Association in the mid sixties said to the teachers, [go get involved]. And the teachers that went to the Democrat party meetings were told ‘We are so glad you’re here, I hope you’ll come back, we want you to work.’ And the people, the teachers who went to the Republican meetings were told, ‘Why haven’t you been here before?” – All really good.


Newt – “..and I talked to somebody this morning who was told, y’know, ‘You bet[ter get on the Bush tr]ain,’ this was about eight, nine, ten months ago…” – Chilled with the nigger.


Newt – “It keeps getting brought up because you [keep bringing it up]. (Hannity) No, no, it’s not me. I did have a poll on my website,, and you did win the poll.” – Bancing your feet. – Newt talking with Hannity.


Newt – “..[really seriously] and recognize, that if you pick a Vice presidential nominee, you are potentially picking somebody who might well end up as President and you better pick somebody who can get the job done if that happens.” – He’ll seriously leave. – Newt intimates that the VP could become president if Trump were assassinated.


Newt – “..can they do a little bit to help win the election, I think that’s the lea[st important of the three. Because, you really] have to take the presidency REALLY seriously…” – Hillary’s it, hear it from the government. – Newt intimates that the VP could become president if Trump were assassinated.


Newt – “Well [I don’t know. I’m just saying], y’know, it’s not, y’know, I, I, I’m not, I’m not the only person around…” – Yes and no, I’m not out. – talking about becoming VP.


Newt – “..and so from that point on, I began trying to under[stand what does he do], how does he do it…” – Word is an old answer. – watching Donald Trump.


Newt – “That’s exactly the wrong attitude. But those are the people wh,whether they’re [at the weekly standard], whether they’re on talk radio, whether they’re on a blog, whether they’re so called ‘experts’, those are the people who are terrified by Donald Trump. Because he represents a new world, it’s, it’s as though you went to an old fashioned, local hamburger place and you said, ‘Have you ever heard about McDonald’s?’ Or you went to an old fashioned, small retail place and you said, ‘Have you ever heard about Walmart?’ I mean what you see coming down the road here, is a much bigger party, with many more people…” – We’re an ass, you’ll deal with that.