Miscellaneous Syrian Conflict Reversals

Assad: “But nobody ex[pected it until September], so you can not expect. Its difficult for anyone to tell you whats going to happen.” – The madness of America


Assad: “First of all they have rockets and they’ve been throwing rockets on Damascus for months – Rockets in general, they have the means. Second the [??? Guards] they have been talking about.” – I need acid


Assad: “That reminds about what Kerry said about the big lie that Coin Powell said in front the world on satellite about the WMD in Iraq before going to war. And he said this is our evidence, actually [he gives false evidence].” – Sentiment prophet figure


Assad: “What do you call the people who attacked the 2000 11th of September. In opposition? Even though are not American. I know this but some of them they have nationality. I think one of them has American nationality. Do you call him opposition or terrorist. Why should you use [a term in the United States] and England and maybe other countries and use another term in Syria,” – States handed me murder


Assad: “[To have or not to have] is a possibility.” – They hope I move out


Kerry: “President Obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world’s most henious weapoms against the worlds most vulnerable people. Nothing today is more serious and nothing is receiving more [serious scrutiny].” – It looks serious


Kerry: “The images of entire families dead in their beds [without a drop of blood] or even a visible wound.” – Now the powers divided


Obama: “But Al Qaeda will only drawn strength in a more chao[tic Syria] if people there see the world doing nothing to prevent innocent civilians from being gassed to death.” – I risk it


Obama: “And we asked should we intervene in Rwanda. I think its fair to say [it probably wouldn’t poll very well].” – I will walk around it


Obama: “Even a limited strike [will send a message to Assad] that no other national can deliver.” – Our associates send the missile


Obama: “I’m going to engage in parlor games now, Jonathon, about whether or not its going to pass When I’m [talking substan]tively to Congress about why this is important.” – Trust me not


Obama: “[I was going to give you a different answer, no].” – Understand we’re living this lie


Reporter: “If Congress fails to authorize this will you go forward with an attack on Syria. [It’s a pretty basic question].” – Your talk has said the opposite


Rand Paul: “You cant watch them without have a great deal [of sympathy for the people].” – Oh people fear the missile


Rand Paul: “[If American] interests are involved, American soldiers, American business, American citizens…” – The crime of Hitler


Syrian Girl: “We don’t want Al Qaeda to take over. What are you like [?????]. I am not a ??? either.” – Tell Russia