Miscellaneous Reversals April 2015


This is a great example of what is called a ‘Lead Reversal.’ A lead reversal is a reversal that can sometimes give an answer to a question before the question is asked forwards. Here is a woman talking about her daughter and before the conversation continues, we find a reversal that says, “She’s seven.” Then the conversation flows right into the interviewer asking the question, ” How old is she now?”

Woman – “..other one she’s got a lot of activities so there’s a lot of maintenance around her pick up and drop off, swimming, piano, [mmm but she’s], she’s a good girl, yes I…” (Interviewer) How old is she now? (Woman) She’s seven years old, she just turned seven.- She’s seven.


Interviewer talking to Ted Cruz – “Can I ask you about some of the news that’s in the headline, what you would do as, as president of the [United States? We know that] ISIS or a group close to ISIS has posted the names of 100 service members um, should we have boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq? ” – Bet on you Statesman.