Michele Bachmann in New Hampshire

October 10 2011


The following are reversals found on US Presidential Candidate, Michele Bachmann. The reversals are mostly congruent indicating she is honest and means what she says with no hidden agenda. She appears to believe that she has a plan to save America from financial ruin.

Click on the reversal to download the mp3 file. The precise forward words where the reversal occurred are marked with brackets – [ ].

"Thank you Tim. What a terrific introduction, and thank [you everyone] for being here. Please come and find a seat and maybe we can find a few more and this is a good problem to have." Now we worry – congruent reversal – worried about the lack of seats

"And what I want to say first of all is that no matter what course of action we take going forward the first place that we have to begin is in cutting spending [at the Fed]eral level. " That’s a fact – congruent reversal

"Well that’s one problem. Over spending in one year. The bigger problem is [all of the accum]ulated over spending over a number of years. We’re paying that big credit card tab." Gave the law – meaning indeterminate

"I was one of the lone voices [in the wilderness of Washington] saying no, stop, we can’t do this." Let me show, we’ll send a whirlwind – metaphor – whirlwind: personal energy, life force, chi – all parts of her will make her presence felt

"You see at a certain point the music is going to stop, right, and [so that’s why] it was imperative upon us the summer. We should have stopped this summer rather than adding 2.4 trillion because that’s only going to get us through until next year." I’ll save us – she believes she has the solution

"For people you see them take their credit cards when they can’t control themselves and they put it in water. They freeze it. They put it in the freezer so they can’t get at their credit cards anymore, or they [cut them up]. Well I’m telling you, the Federal government, we should not only freeze it, we should cut them up. We should say no, you can’t have access to those cards anymore." I’m a fuck – negative internal dialogue

"We’re at the point where we continually giving out 99 [weeks of unem]ployment benefits and it goes on and on and on." My lover’s skill – she believes she has the skill to help

"That’s all I did, is work with taxes. That’s my background, [that’s my ex]pertise. I get how devastating high taxes are." I am safe – congruent reversal – she beleives she is safe

"I’ve seen people lose their houses before. It’s not [fun to see], but taxes are so high and so out of control." It’s enough – congruent reversal

"This is the election where we have to have a constitutional conservative who gets these problems in Washington, who from day one will know what to do. That’s [what I bring to this] field that is different from anyone else. I’ve been fighting on the front lines in full gale force winds." See this new battle – congruent reversal

"And that’s what needs to be addressed, [and that’s why] under my plan I want to repeal Obama care." I’ll sign it – congruent reversal

"If you have a business would you keep running your business the [same way that you did] 45 years ago, or 80 years ago. That’s what we’re doing with these programs." They’d wish to deal mess – unsure

"If we have a system of health saving accounts that we would see real savings, and I think that [we should examine those] ideas. I think we should put them on the table and I would be happy to lead that national debate." On the maze, get a shoe – metaphor – meaning unknown

"And then we’ll go over to the department of energy and say now anymore of those ??? loans you got left laying around here. And then we’ll turn off the lights and lock the doors there, [and there will be a lot] of for sale signs across Washington DC." I’ll labor in it – congruent reversal – she will work hard at it

"Because it’s what comes first, the chicken or the egg. What comes first? Spending or taxing? It’s spending. Because if we cut back on the spending, then we just, I think we have to have a system where every[one participates]. Everybody should pay something. Even if it’s a dollar. Everybody needs to pay something. We all benefit from this magnificent country. Everybody needs to pay in." Deficit drop now – congruent reversal – her plan will reduce the deficit

"If there’s only one thing that you remember about today when you leave, take this with you. There is [one chance to get] rid of Obama care and it’s this election." Make it smashed now – congruent reversal