Men In Black Victim Reversals

Men In Black

The following speech reversals about the Men In Black are from a video put up on by ThirdPhaseOfMoon from what sounds like a radio interview about being followed and being a victim of the Men In Black. You may see the video here:



Men In Black Victim Reversals


MIB Victim – “[Most of the] time, I actually even…” – And some Blood.” – And some blood.


MIB Victim – “Her phone wasn’t able to [pick up the] video in the same time.” – Fuckin’ good, fuck it.


MIB Victim – “It’s hard to tell, because they are all so similar to me, and I was in such, honest to God, [like, when my eyes] connect with theirs, such fear runs through mt body.” – Here I am, I don’t feel guilt.


MIB Victim – “It’s been a frightening ordeal, [but I just], I thank God that I have validation and uh, I’m glad that I have a witness.” – I may kill ’em.


MIB Victim – “You know what? He (His friend) was next door neighbors to [Betty and Barney Hill when he grew up].” – I would be deployed, you know, through Eden.


MIB Victim – “And then after, as a [matter of fact, when I tried to], ah, send her the video..” – Lose our shadow, have run.


MIB Victim – “I don’t know, maybe it’s [just me. But it is] frightening. They’ve only spoken, ah, to me in words, one time.” – Set it up in Houston.


MIB Victim – “Very, they, they, kind of move in unison. Yeah. Very strange. They almost seem to communicate [without moving their mouths].” – Slime, I give ’em hell.


MIB Victim – “Always seems to be in a crowded room, or a big crowd, like New York City, Um, 1989, Uh, one of them walked up to me and it looked as though he might have been getting ready to speak to me, but I couldn’t tell you, because his mouth was close to my ear, and the only thing I heard was “don’t take yourself so seriously, [they won’t believe you] anyway.” That’s the only thing they’ve ever said.” – They preview all with real seriousness.


MIB Victim – “I actually even recognized [somebody that was abducted along with me] and we are friends to this day. Yeah. I met him only four years ago and we found out we’ve been abducted together several times since we were, since I was fifteen.” – They walk together so many of us.