Mel Gibson’s Telephone Rant

These are reversals found in Mel Gibson’s telephone rant to his wife Oksana released in July of 2010.


Gibson – “..I sold it because of you I don’t have any (Oksana) Why?” (Gibson) fucking money. I have to support [you and everybody else]. I have to sell paintings. – I hope you run away.


Gibson – “ have [fucked me up ???], fucked me up.” – I’m fucking tough.


Gibson – “..fucking even insult me with some of the [stupid reas]oning you have. Your logic sucks because your a fucking mentally deprived idiot.” – Your a witch.


Gibson – “..also [earlier today, you] oh, never mind, what the fuck were you gonna to say.” – We had a deal.


Gibson – “..correct, OK, good, so you’re not lying to me about fake tits. (Oksana) I never have. (Gibson) Yes, yes you just did, you said they weren’t you fucking lied to me, before. (Oksana) What? I didn’t. I never said, I never said anything, of a kind. You never asked me I never told you or maybe you asked me but I never lied about this. (Gibson) Not a liar, ???. So, they look ridiculous get rid of them why don’t you. Anyway, ah, you know. (Oksana) That’s none of your fucking business. (Gibson) It is, it is, they look stupid. I’m just telling you, it’s just an appraisal, keep em if you want, look stupid, see if I give a fuck. [You know, but they’re too] big and they look stupid, they look like some Vegas bitch, they look like a Vegas whore” – You spend the money.


Oksana – “..I used to have hundred thousand dollars a [year when you met] me…” – I’m in your way.


Oksana – “..because I am saving my life and I’m saving daughters life, that’s what I’m doing. I don’t give a damn about my music and I don’t give a damn about you spending another [penny I’m saving] her life” – It is my neck.


Oksana – “ are so spoiled, [you have biggest] ego and you let yourself roll. (Gibson) You hurt me too badly.” – Say goodbye.