LaVoy Finicum – Oregon Standoff

LaVoy Finicum – Oregon Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Standoff

LaVoy Finicum

Finicum, an Arizona rancher and one of the leaders of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation, was killed by law enforcement during a Jan. 26 traffic stop operation. Investigators said that he was shot three times by two different officers. During interviews, both officers said they saw him reaching into his jacket where he had a 9 mm handgun. For that reason, both officers said they opted to shoot.

The reversal from Finicum’s own mouth comes from a recording made from inside the vehicle where 4 others were sitting. The reversal disagrees with what the investigators are saying.


LaVoy – “(Woman) What for? (LaVoy) Well I am going to ask them [if they want to go out]. (Woman) What for? Why are we getting out? (LaVoy) Do you want out? (Woman) What for? Why are we getting out? (LaVoy) Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? (Woman) Oregon State Police. (LaVoy) OK, well I’m going over to meet the sheriff in Grant county. You come along with us and you can talk with us over there. You could go ahead and shoot me put the laser right there, put the bullet through the head.” – I have no weapon.


Woman – “OK, go. [OK, hands up]. OK go.” – Oh my God.


Woman – “..[????] (Man) I’m not sure what they got, what they got. (Woman) There’s a man they’re shooting all over around us. (Man) OK.” – Help you.


Daughter – “God keep us safe please. (Woman) Please, please protect us all. (Daughter) [Please God, God].” – God thank you.