Julia Gillard Acceptance Speech

June 2010




In what has been described as bloodless coup, former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, was dumped as leader of the Australian Labor Party and a new leader was appointed – Julia Gillard. Gillard is Australia’s first female Prime Minister and as such this is a historic appointment. Here are reversals found on her acceptance speech. They are mainly incongruent and, as such, we suggest that she cannot trusted.

Click on the reversal to hear the mp3 file. The precise forward words where the reversal occurred has been marked with brackets – [ ].

"Its with the greatest humility, resolve and enthusiasm that I sought the endorsement of my colleagues to be the Labor leader and to be the [Prime Minister of this] country. I have accepted that endorsement." See the hurts, send him out – This would appear to be a reference to former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, who was in public tears after he was ousted as leader.

"These beliefs that have been my compass during the three and [half years] of the most loyal service I could offer." See far – looking to the future.

"I asked my colleagues to make a leadership change. A change becau[se I believed] that a good government was losing its way." Feel the darts – the darts of betrayal I suggest.

"My values and my beliefs have driven me [to step forward] to take this position as Prime Minister." The wolf exit – possibly a reference to the departure of former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

"And in the coming months [I will ask the Governor] General to call a general election." Buggered soul a lot – has her betrayal of Kevin Rudd damaged her soul?

"Between now and this election I seek their [consideration] and their support." The show will listen – it is a show and she may believe that people will listen to her.

"I give credit to the Labor giants, Bob Hawke and Paul Keating as the architects of today’s modern [prosperity]. I give credit to John Howard and Peter Costello for continuing these reforms." Hear the rapes – an incongruent reversal – politics is a dirty game and she acknowledges this with a metaphor.

"The most recent loss of life of brave Australian soldiers [in Afghan]istan and the injuries that have befallen our troops remind us all of the depth of the sacrifice that our serving men and women can be called on to make." And they panic – appears to be an incongruent reversal possibly showing lack or respect for the sacrifice the troops have to make.

"Finally I want to pay a tribute to Kevin Rudd. Ultimately Kevin Rudd and I disagreed about the direction of the government. I believed [we needed] to do better, but Kevin Rudd is a man of remarkable achievement." We damn you – incongruent reversal – he was ousted from power.

"Of course there will need to be some consequential changes in our cabinet and ministerial arrangements and I will announ[ce them at] an appropriate time." That mess – there is still internal problems.

"An Australia that can achieve even greater things in the future. We should not [be afraid of the future]. A strong Australia respected as a global force." Hushed grief with our faith – another incongruent reversal.

"Can I say to the Australian people, there will be some days I delight you, there may be some days I disappoint you. On every day I will be working my absolute hardest for you." We go evil rot – incongruent reversal – there are still troubles in the Australian Labor party.