Joran van der Sloot

Joran van der Sloot is a suspect in the disappearance of Natalie Holloway on the island of Aruba. Joran spent 3 months in an Aruban jail while being investigated before being released. He is now being sued by Natalie’s parents for sexual assault. Here are reversals found on 2 interviews he did. (Reversals found by David Oates and Naomi Longson)

Reversals show Joran to have knowledge of, and being involved in, the murder of Natalie. This can be neatly summed up by this reversal here –  What a murder

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Listen to a radio interview with David Oates on the Jeff Rense show 8th March 2006 about these reversals – click here (20 meg file)

(For more information on this case go to this website – Aruba’s Silence – which contains good general information about the case.)

A Current Affair

“It was her who asked me to come to the club. It was her that was yelling at me to go dance with her – when her parents showed up at the door with her picture I didn’t even know who Natalie Holloway was.” I’m the one
Greta Van Susteren – Fox TV

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“That’s the one thing that’ll clear me and that’s the one thing that’ll clear anyone else involved with it that doesn’t deserve to be.” Dead near the water

“That they go towards me and blame me is something i can understand but to go towards my family and friends and Aruba and everyone i love, that’s something that really hurts me.” It must have fallout, I know

“…going to a black jack table and sitting down and i remember her and her friends coming up to the table.” I snuffed her, her murderer

“Nothing of them was out of the ordinary at all.” They ran away without her last song

“So I walked over to McDonalds where he picked me up and took me home.” We put in the blanket

“Since then we’ve been friends, never best friends, but we’ve hung out together.” There was enough said

“He was working at an internet cafe.” Yes, I got rid of the clothes we had

“I’m dependent on friends that have a car so I would give him a call sometimes.” They will shock her bad

“Some kids had drivers licenses but not all of them.” What a murder

“But he came at that point in my room.” Make it up

“I met a couple of girls. They asked if I wanted to go out.” Swallowed it up

“..actually talk about it now but not like she said do you want to have sex, no it wasn’t anything like that.” Heard her want it

“They were driving around and Deepak and Satish never ended up here. I told them that afterwards.” Yeah, they’re raping it. Had the nerve

“Because we were driving towards her hotel and that was just the one place i wanted to get out.” Had sex there

“I told Deepak that I’ll call you later to pick me up and he said ok, and he left and we walked by the beach.” Goddess see the blame, get the hurt

“That was my intention, yeah.” I am so bad

“The most important thing is to look a facts and those are facts you can actually say, what time you got home.” Yes, she’s gonna bring her scarf

“I didn’t have a condom with me and I’ve heard people say that’s strange that makes absolutely no sense.” I warn you

“I usually have one in my wallet and i didn’t have one with me then.” I do feel abandoned

“And he came to me and he said someone had come up to him and said that he saw us drop the girl off at the Holiday Inn.” Follow Deepak

“That’s what he told the police and I was like, now if you look back at that. that’s horrible. They arrested and held for 10 days.” Wanna seal the body

“At that point you didn’t really care about them, you’re more caring about yourself.” I break you We are the wanted (2 audio files)

“People don’t know what it was like in those interrogations where they interrogate you from 8 in the morning till 8 at night.” Now I need lawyer

“The police themselves always felt we were guilty and i still think most of the police here do.” The boss so wired

“Everyone wants to find out what happened.” I know that


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