John McCain Campaign Rally

February 2008


Generally a good batch of congruent reversals with a couple of puzzling ones. His concern for the troops is genuine in the second half of this resentation

Click on the reversal to hear the mp3 file. The exact forward words where the reversals occurred are marked with brackets – [ ]

“My sister Sandy, her husband Henry and my son Doug are [here also]. Thank you for being here.” We’re sorry (Unknown. What is his family sorry about?)

“[We know where] either of their candidates will lead this country and we dare not let them.” I warn you (Congruent, warning of a disaster if a democrat wins the White House.)

“The American people don’t [send us to Washington] to serve our self interests but to serve theirs.” Let me show with sadness (What is the sadness?)

“I discovered [that nothing is] more liberating in life than to fight for a cause that encompasses you but is not defined by your existence alone.” Seeing you fund it (He is funding his own cause, his presidential bid.)

“We’re approaching the end of the first half of the election on quite [an upswing].” You spun it (He is spinning it.)

Other miscellaneous McCain reversals

“We should also reduce our [reliance on our] reserve and guard forces who have met the nation’s call heroically.” Run us now (Is he seeing himself in the leadership position?)

“Iraq’s neighbours from [Saudi Arabia] to Egypt to Turkey would feel our own security eroding.” They buried us (How was the US “buried”? Buried in war debt?)

“Others have learned that they will soon return to combat [sooner than they had] been led to expect.” Handed a noose (Walking into a potential death trap.)

“If any [Senator believes] that our troops sacrifice is truly in vain, the dictates of conscience demand that he or she act to prevent it.” Feel the burden (Congruent. He feels the burden too.)