Joan Rivers

Here are some recent Reversals found on Joan Rivers as of August 2014.


Joan Rivers – “[Hamas, who are terrorists]…” – Silhouette Osama.


Joan Rivers – “…[because the wrong people, the] dumb people are buying into it.” – There will be more with turkey.


Joan Rivers – “I [think we should send over] every great Jewish plastic surgeon doctor…” – Abort nasty Jew.


Joan Rivers – “Well I think we should make it stop and I think I know how to make it stop. I think every Palestinian should get a nose job, because once somebody’s had a nose job they won’t fight be[cause they’re scared the new nose will get] broken. I think we should send over every great Jewish plastic surgeon doctor, fix their noses and there will be peace in the Middle East” – Make us one wind, the Nexus.